Five thoughts on how to do well in website operation

is currently building a website is not difficult, but the good operation of the difficulty of the website is very big, some people run the site although it takes a lot of time and effort, but the general effect, while others operate the site is easily, very easily, this is for what? Xiaobian below on how to do website operation for a simple



: a web site operators don’t spend all your time on the network, also and the reality of the traditional economy organically, to make full use of the line resources, such as information related to friends in the industry, or related resources.

usually webmasters are the promotion of some real life products or services on the network, then the web site operators and more combined with the line resources, and website operation you just use the Internet platform for the advanced operation! So website operation success lies in your mind there is no divergence, will be integrated all kinds of resources


two: website operation is actually like in real life, production and sales, you produce something that is not to meet the needs of users, you can do what your users, users can find their own information on your website, this information is actually your production, the information production to learn through market analysis, do not to blindly production.

you even produced high technology content information, and for people who cannot use, the production is of no use, and the information production well, naturally to sales, sales promotion will learn, promotion not blindly rely on the Internet, but also with the promotion of line, for example Lily network and so on! Now is on TV ads do


three: the website must have advertising professional thinking and planning ability accordingly, or in your website operation at a certain stage will appear after the dilemma, we often see the TV shopping advertising on TV, some products are very common in practice, but in the advertising planning can make only a few dollars to buy what the value of 100 yuan, this is the role of advertising! So when you are in the operation of the site, but also to learn these people’s thinking, of course, like some means of advertising cheat or not enough to learn


four: technology to properly grasp, actually technology is often the website operators between communication tools, like a language, if you are utterly ignorant of the related technology, so there is no way to communicate with others, and the site operation and ultimately design personnel exchanges, if you do not understand some technology. The question often people can not accept, but also what others say you what all don’t understand, so it is hard to improve the website operation to a higher level of


five: do a good job in website operations, but also pay close attention to competitors, we must truly learn from each other

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