About collecting websites have a unique skill

has been a station for some time. I didn’t use it before, and I didn’t love hardship. It was my problem, so I fell in love with collecting. Bring me the first income is a campus network code website to do, did not know the school network code GG high cost, muddleheaded up, put on Dede, choose a good template for admission, after mining.

Although the locomotive

then know this thing, but still too lazy to improve it, it comes with the Dede acquisition, feel good, then slowly found Dede acquisition function less, slow and inconvenient, but still feel some bug, switched to train arms, first open the train, look at the list of rushing up my heart, the beauty, because did not understand the search engine, things don’t back the content of the article, even title have not changed, the authentic garbage station. The dumpster money garbage station, a large number of links, but the link to link, people’s station is the chain to your home page, lead spider every day to update the home page snapshot, page update speed to slow slow, so it loses a lot of long tail keywords, also lost a lot of traffic. This is the end of a typical garbage station.

said, our personal webmaster, if not so much energy to the original do? Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V change title, change is homely food, content, release station, this is a false original, not to mention the pseudo original included and weight is how, at least than directly mining over good. This is a method, but you have to labor, acquisition, embarrassed. Is a collection of tools, we can make good use of labor, not more labor can be saved, ha (close down to


below said that the acquisition of the main points, I am not talking about how to collect and collect the tutorial, only to the novice moves, less detours.

with a good site, we want to buy it, making a good rule, should consider the content replacement, the novice often ignore a plate, such as the QQ, they are editors claiming to be "small", the word on your website is not very good, oh, we can replace it with your own site name, but only these changes, the search engine will not think this is a original article, we should change the title, write your own description, which is actually a small part of the SEO, beginners will not insist to get these, we only said the acquisition, said we should focus on the new to do so, collection published on the website, to make these articles published for state audit, so that we can slowly change to these articles, you can once mining a thousands of articles before You can change it, hey, modification is also a knowledge, you can search on the Admin5, a lot of.

way show how use this method to do the new station, www.x5wb.cn dancer playmates, also AD about it, ha ha, contain a lot of.

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