How to design a mobile APP home page interface

when we install some APP for the first time after downloading, when we open the application, we will see a series of beautiful interface, which is the home page of the mobile phone APP. This mobile phone is APP home before we started using APP to guide us to use interface, this interface can tell us the main functions and features of APP, so the experience will affect the APP homepage interface to the user experience for subsequent products. Therefore, the APP design and R & D personnel, especially the product manager, will be on each APP home designed according to the time (holidays), location, weather etc. Accordingly updated and personalized, in order to meet better enhance the user experience of mobile phone APP. So, how do we design a mobile phone APP home page,


first of all, the mobile APP home page interface should be able to highlight the main features and features of the product. If the mobile phone APP is a relatively new product name, so in the home interface should let users at once can understand the function and characteristics of the APP, or the user may not use too much confusion because before abandoning it. Such as Baidu glutinous rice network, if the user does not know the first installation of this software, then from the sticky web is very difficult to know the function of APP, if we can design related words in the following APP page, can use APP to the user at a glance, know that this is a group purchase APP.

secondly, the mobile APP home page interface should be updated automatically according to the actual situation. We often update the mobile phone APP, when you open again, you will find that the home page of the mobile phone APP will be updated, such as national day and other festivals, there will be associated with the festival picture, as shown below. This is going to the mobile phone APP home to do automatic updates according to the actual situation in the design of the time, such as time, place, climate and other factors make the corresponding judgment and customization on the APP home page, so the user in each update to re open then I feel this mobile phone APP ten close, to keep pace with the times.

at the same time, mobile APP home page interface design to the main application classification. At present, the mobile phone APP has applications in many industries, such as electricity, games, life service, payment, these industries APP home interface should also be different, otherwise the user feel all the APP home interface are similar, so easy to skip, but if we can according to the application category of careful planning, perhaps can let users stop. Such as Ctrip, APP home page interface as shown below, it can give the user a direct experience, providing a variety of solutions for travel.

in addition, the mobile phone APP home interface can have a variety of forms. A mobile phone APP homepage interface is not only the only text or picture only, can be illustrated, can also add video, music and other dynamic effects in, especially with dynamic music and video in, can be more vivid display of personalized and function of APP, was well of course to join these.

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