Skillfully use QQ personalized signature so that others can promote your website

purpose: to put someone else’s QQ personality signature into my web site, and then let it in their own industry circles and other people chat, unknowingly promoted my site.

analysis: my website is the industry website (effect map), of course, only this professional talent gathered together, and only this professional QQ friends to communicate with each other more frequently. We all know that when QQ chat, chat with each other will personality to see the signature of the window, I think, can not put this signature set into its own web site, as a result, his circle of friends can see my site. The question is, how can someone else’s QQ personalized signature be altered? Now we should try to make him amend. Because my site is renderings of it, can I get some building renderings of the PSD material for the data download (of course is very valuable information), and then set the password, and then prompts: you only need to put your signature personality set and I like, can get a G building later PSD material is completely free, free! Please ask me to set the password. In addition, this signature should also be skilled and attractive, like my signature is: 10000 architectural renderings free download base, here write the web site.

in order to prevent some QQ users want to complete the password, personalized signature content changes, but also to let them in my personal note on my two domain name. It should be noted that there will be some friends put people dedicated to the password after the website cheated, I changed the signature, so not to reach the effect? Imagine that ten QQ users modify the signature, in which only 4 to delete the site after the password after the signature, my purpose to, oh, because the six signature but has always given me promotion. So basically, even if you’re done, you can send ads to your professional group and advertise in the home page and post bar, so that more professionals come to download and give you free promotion.

finally say my demo address:

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