Silent bitterness what should the station owner do

I’m a newbie, really, no matter what point of view.

I do the same thing as other people’s thoughts. Really, I think the Internet is a money making paradise,

so I gave up a relatively good salary factory, took more than 10000 from Shenzhen, returned to my hometown. I started my own business trip without knowing anything.

started doing the station, the computer did not buy. Directly to the Internet bar wrapped several machines, officially began his webmaster journey. When I bought space, I was cheated.

buy program again cheated. Caused my own cash flow failure. The reason is that I’m too immature. Even without a ABCD,

It’s difficult for

to figure out this idea himself. There is a saying gehangrugeshan, is correct.

no way, CN is useless. Then I applied for the COM domain name of It’s still in use.

later liberated himself because he wanted to eat and pay his salary.

took a few pieces of broken clothes out of work, the boss of the sweet, a month in the food factory work, when the payment of wages to get 200 fast and put my ID card to charge. Go to the labor department, but dodge responsibility, to the government. So the government was found. The salary was not taken back, but only got an ID card.

later, really. I’m 200 quick, and I can’t stand it anymore. I slept across the overpass. I’ve done what many people don’t want to think about. But no law has ever been committed. Decadent period of time. My father gave me hundreds of quick money to get through this dark time. Yes, I work for this company now,

I don’t know if I’m too stupid, or I’m not willing to do it, that’s the big loss.

I don’t even dare go home now, when I promise myself to the people in my family. I’m shrinking now. I don’t know whether this station should go on or not. Whenever I see my father’s Pine like hands, my heart is in tears. I just want to change things to make my family comfortable. Because I was a mother without a child, my father supported me and my brother. The house in the house hasn’t been decorated yet. And my father is old now. Still working outside,


who can tell me if I should go on and if I can change my family’s destiny?.

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