Online mall how to network promotion

this year, with the online shopping more and more popular, and many businesses or individuals have started online shopping mall, of course, there are also successes and failures. Today I will tell you how to do a direct and effective network promotion.

first we need to understand the concept of online shopping, for example, you buy cosmetics, cosmetics online website in addition to Taobao Jingdong innumerable, those websites. How to let others find your website among the Internet, the deal and how to make consumers into your website. These two issues may be the most electricity supplier thinking about the problem. The following first analysis of the first question, how to make the site in the Internet rankings,


1. site positioning: first to understand what to sell, to determine the site keywords (not the biggest act, the so-called what is their strength can not put the site out, examples of online shopping and online group purchase this kind of words is very hot, want to do it, that is the need for a lot of human and financial support. You can choose local words to do, such as Ganzhou Group buy, Ganzhou buy nets, Ganzhou shopping such words do easier, bring the flow is more accurate)

2. positioning, keyword is to do internal optimization, I believe that the search engine optimization with the external optimization of the weight ratio of the basic 55 open. Internal optimization or those old-fashioned words, I think the mall just started to pay attention to these two words, snapshot weight. Want to snapshot new words, every day to update a few original article, in fact, the mall write original article is not difficult. Pick a product of high-heeled shoes, high heels can choose some around the headline, lady how to choose high heels? Choose high-heeled shoes, need to pay attention to those problems?, development trend of high-heeled shoes, what kind of shoes popular this year, women how to wear high-heeled shoes like these every one could write a title article, how important is the promotion of soft paper is not described. The choice of keywords in the early stage has a direct impact on the weight of the website. The beginning of the mall column classification keywords and description, or refer to the Baidu index query results, write better, pay attention to the keyword density (3%-5%) best. Then you can add some tracing text to the product description, and add a tag tag to the picture.

3. external promotion:

1) soft Wen outside the chain; above you write those original, you can find some related industry Baidu news source site contribution, these sites bring the chain weight, that is quite high.

2) blog micro-blog group establishment; pay attention to a few points, the blog name to take keywords, the early post Bowen do not bring links, insist on a week post Bowen, in the link is better.

3) the establishment of the B2B site. At this stage, some of the links that these sites bring are still good.

4) when your site snapshot update is relatively new, you can find some of the peer friendship chain >

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