My five years experience devotion professionalism and concentration


Internet origins can be traced back to 1997, a cable pulled into a small town under the Funiu mountain. Like the discovery of the Alibaba’s treasure, the network attracted me deeply.

memory in the initial online time, often go to the website is 371, unfortunately, 371 mailbox in the mailbox charges crazy, careless lost, so far can not find ever brilliant.

OK, 2002 I went to university, once together Internet friends for a personal home page in the Chinese home bus, continue to show off in front of me, a simple website seems to be the symbol of identity, so I also had to do the idea, the limited life fee into the unlimited Internet, desperately looking for a free space, free domain name to find two, then remember to find a 20M free space site where, so a hastily personal website in the 2003 new year’s day set up.

so far, I still remember that winter vacation, the continuous running to the Internet bar, all night, all night online, do not play games, do that site.

continued until 2004, on my website, is a complete show tools, through a friend contact PowerEasy system, he is our club, we use this system to make the community website and run every day to ask for advice, see the website books desperately, that thought suddenly began to change, think to do such a personal homepage does not seem to have much promise, wanted to do a little "event".

The so-called

event or simply build a website, and after the initial "lure" my friends together, a self oriented Chinese all youth "world network" is established, the space is bought, the domain name is bought, the system is easy. It would have no concept of a theme, only a dream and a chamber of blood. I don’t know how to classify the columns. I don’t know what to add……

until 2005 or so, has been lying on the glass like muddle along without any aim, on the fly, promising not to see the way. Began to reflect on a lot of investment in time and money, what is the purpose of doing so, don’t just meet the vanity? Very confused, do not know how to get to the road, but in the heart still some feelings surging, in clear and scant-started suddenly seem to understand that your heart is adhered to, the network provides the opportunity to realize their dreams for us.

2005-2006 years, concerned about the president made a "dance together all the way" website, known as college friends to provide career planning. Unexpectedly, after several revision, rename, and eventually become a career design station, so far, but also in the industry has a place. In view of a survey of school students’ marriage issue during the establishment of a research group official website, it seems still a blank about concern students’ marriage field, thinking to do, due to various reasons, eventually die.


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