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since the computer, is to learn how to play the game. Before always in the holdfast, and CS, mother CS level up, but also to engage in world of Warcraft, but also a lot of academic delay (my art), network game fire, I was not so hot heart now, together with friends, also deeply indulged, gradually play game of fewer people (Master run, play online games, and I went to) the game to lose confidence, thought: the world is the only network game


games are boring, began playing the forum, constantly crazy in each big BBS post, and a quarrel, and get the title, BBS, learn a, do not curse, it’s someone else’s turn to scold you, will make you angry, anxious to find the person, a hit meal.


forum also finished, the popular blog, for many blogs, half a turtle man, of course no one blog, only to see people write something, the more good natural material, spectators at school to write a composition? Remember, but my masterpiece ah, perhaps out of society, not too much the energy of


is also the end of the CN, fire up, everywhere is the site, the advertising, let you not stand, a bit does not matter, point out the spark, the original site, is to design a front, let more people to engage in inside, Witkey, can help more many people, according to a good front, a cow B, Dangdang had Witkey Witkey, addiction, ha ha I did not expect this at school, professional school of bad art, huh Witkey task, is still quite popular, of course, can also let the.


recently engaged in online business, more and more, the price is down, before giving a station design eight thousand million children, also, alas, there are now two hundred people are willing to engage in creative.MMD is not worth.

of course to design a website, he also learned a lot of knowledge, such as: how to write the title to attract more people, how to put pictures, browsing speed more quickly, how to optimize the code, 100, the dog would come to see a drink of tea (personal habits called Baidu, 100 / Google, Gouzai).

is now a day time schedule is full, recently a week did not go down, at 9 in the morning to get up on time, the bubble bowl of instant noodles, drink a cup of milk, the computer music sounded. It’s a new day. Look at the design task Witkey, just finished their (my goal: one day a Witkey task), morning time passed very quickly, at noon to catch a wink, afternoon, staring at the computer to change the style, optimization of source code, in the evening to chat more, chat, play landlords, this period of time, speed card ah, can not engage in the website, will write the article!

, think about the schedule, the more tight, life is more substantial, many webmaster is not like this,


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