Web visual design emotional boards work with visual design


1. The real dilemma of visual design

There are many uncertainties in the visual design of

Internet products, such as:

you follow the "elegant" to design, but he felt that "fresh" – – judge the subjectivity of & see pictures to understand

sometimes does not like certain design works, but can not immediately say the reason – subconscious

began to demand a style, quickly change requirements into another style, users do not understand the

if "user centric design" is not a gimmick, we can try to "user" to give visual design a direction.


although traditional user research methods may help to "know the user", it seems that there is nothing to do with "direct instruction" in visual design.

is not a user research method can also solve the visual design of the "evaluation of subjectivity" and "see the actual works to understand," said a subconscious feeling ", and" direct visual design "


two. The theoretical basis of the emotion board approach


emotion board is a method of research that uses images to enlighten and explore the user’s experience and then act on visual design. It is possible to investigate and form a guiding sense of style and design elements".

The core principle of

emotion board is to rely on images to communicate product and user, user’s subconscious and consciousness, user’s sensibility (emotion) and reason, and its neuropsychological foundation is:

mostly communicate with nonverbal

thinking is generated by images,

sensory imagery is an important metaphor, and most of these images are visual

The deep structure in

‘s thinking is accessible

experience is a mixture of reason and Sensibility (emotion)

three. Operation of the mood board method

Complete process overview:


gets the keywords:


collection of picture materials:


invites users to participate in creating emotion boards:


four. Practice of emotion boards for visual design


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