5 ways to analyze SEO keyword competition in the web site

5 methods to analyze SEO keyword competition in

1. Look at the keyword search results (SERP)

input the website in Baidu or Google keyword input box, then look at the number of search engines return results, returns the number more, the greater the degree of expression of the competition, the less return quantity, of course, the expression of the degree of competition to small.

the results of a competitive level as follows:

search results less than 500 thousand: attribution weak words;

search results 50-100 million: attribution often small words;

search results 100-300 million: attribution of the usual words;

search results: 300-500 million belonging to this


search results more than 5 million: belong to difficult words.

there is one technique is based on the number of pages you recommend: page titles containing the target keywords to determine the site keywords competitive intensity, the more the greater the intensity of return results.

query syntax for intitle: target keywords, for example, we see the wedding photography competition, you can enter the intitle: wedding photography, Baidu display is for you to find related results about 5500000, the expression of 55W page titles including the Xi’an wedding photography.

of course, in practical applications, we may find that a large number of search results do not match competition. In this case, the number of SERP is not reliable, and there is a huge amount of moisture in the return result. At the moment, we need to use other analysis conditions to implement a comprehensive evaluation.

two, look at the keyword search index

We used the

tool is the Baidu index, the data reflects the website keyword search frequent users, search volume is larger, the word business degree is higher, the better to bring customers, especially a high index word is for businesses, so the competition difficulty will be greater.

The same

this data is divided into several levels (here is the Baidu index for reference):

searches for less than 100: less competitive;

search number 100-300: attribution is often small;

search number 300-500: attribution medium;

search number 500-1000: attribution in the often partial;

search more than 1000: belonging to difficult words.

also suggests paying more attention to Baidu and Google related searches, which are based on search times and relevancy

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