A brief overview of the status of individual owners in China’s nternet

Chinese individual stationmaster, be afraid of is the country with the most stationmaster in the world, Chinese individual website also is in the world lead far. I found that the domestic individual webmaster can be divided into the following types:

the first type: survival webmaster. Mostly young people who, for various reasons, are reluctant to work or find jobs. This is a more intrepid group of stationmaster. This kind of individual stationmaster, occupy Chinese individual stationmaster 30%. Many of these people are to join rebels, in order to make a meal.

second types: "part-time" webmaster, these personal webmaster at work, I do business, it is basically minor with interest. About 60% of the Chinese individual owners. Also because of business reasons, expand to the Internet, engage in network marketing and so on.

third types of webmaster belong to the successful type of webmaster, site time is long, experienced, but also because of opportunities to grow up, the strength of the site is relatively strong, but has been operating in a personal manner. These people reclusive, and relatively low-key. He may live next door to you, but you don’t know. They can make up about 4% of the total. Well, 123 of Li Xingping, fast code, GJJ, etc., all belong to this type.

fourth types: individuals into companies, early individuals or teams, and eventually companies. But the core founder basically do not know how much technology. They mainly have vision, seize the opportunity, more certain starting funds, dare to take risks. Early include Alibaba, NetEase and other large sina.com.cn. This type accounted for about 4%, now basically is the station station.

fifth types: started by technology development software or programs, later developed into websites or forums, and may eventually be acquired or become a company. For example, there are typical QQ, thunder, discuz, light, magic and so on. But not mainstream, only accounted for about 2%.

says above third, fourth, fifth kinds, can say 1000 stationmaster can come out one, the quantity is very few. Because now the domestic Internet market has not been a few years ago, like the Chinese military software park, good 123, their time, know how to do a few people, the Internet mechanism confusion, opportunities everywhere. Now this time, there are many eyes every day all over the world for personal webmaster, much less is the opportunity to make money, by saying it was the wolf little more meat, just want to rely on the so-called "Internet opportunity" great success, already is unrealistic.

I also found that there are some people who work in semi work and semi reading stations. They do web work and have no very clear goals. Just like to do the website, they don’t care what they can do, what they will do, not to care about whether they have income or not. Maybe today is doing a recreational station, and tomorrow is doing the terminal, they can do a few sites between can be completely irrelevant. Some people, even to make money have no obvious interest, never consider their own website success and failure, gain and loss. >

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