Cow senior why can fall behind 4 years

remember that in 2002 I began to enter the Internet industry, then they want to toss about a website operation mode, that is if you create a web site to let members of the initiative to win over other members, visited website that is not the rapid increase? When I was in high school, I got 300 pieces money, bought the 60M space, bought an international domain name. I started my career as a webmaster.

with the rapid development of the website, I found myself selling space to make money. I applied for the agent of "Xiamen think twice" network at that time. Specifically, I don’t remember how much money I made. I probably sold about 7000 of the virtual hosting.

then my forum grew gradually, with space from 1G, 2G, 3G, and later to more than 10 G data. At that time there was no concept of shared space, and I had to consider my own server problem. Remember it was 2004. At that time, just K666 has felt completely hung up. I found someone at the station. He decided to share a machine with him. Half the money for one person. At that time, this machine was my first machine to sell virtual hosts. This machine is CNC, Hebei, Xingtai, but the IP address is Beijing, so I have been in Beijing Netcom in the sale of virtual host. At that time, I was very food, and even IIS security is not set, you can sell. But because there wasn’t much residue at that time. Can cope with. But with my technical updates, too. This part of the security is getting better and better. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with it.

remembered that he was mixed up mainly in the Dragon union. At that time, maple leaf and I in dragon couplet is the main competitor. But at that time I was still in college, and many ideas could not even be implemented properly. So, Feng Xin is slightly older than me.

it took about three months with that Netcom server for a while. That server has earned me thousands of dollars. The money is enough for me to go to a server. I contacted the double room in Shanghai, maybe the old IDC knew that there was a cable room in Shanghai at that time, which I forgot, and I spent nearly 10000 yuan. The actual cost of 9600. was on a P4 2.8 1G 160G server. This server has opened up an out of date market for me. I also made a profit from it.

followed, the cable network has a problem, the peak will slow down, with most of the customer consent, the server moved to the telecommunications room. Then, in the same year, the CRC put the server in Xi’an. Immediately following, the line of Xi’an Tietong also appeared the problem of network speed limit. I got on the server in Jilin Netcom right away. Allocate resources accordingly.

then, as I graduated from college, I decided to set up a company, specializing in IDC and building a website.

always does IDC, do it right now. I’m behind the times, and word of mouth has been OK. In fact, it’s not me

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