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Noah Kagan re Still Modeling Growth "You" Incorrectly ". As one of Facebook’s top 30 employees and one of Mint’s top 4 employees, he is an authority on growth, both methodological and practical.

: the result is: 12 months later, Mint already has 1000000 users. We made a comma out of the target at that time." Just listen to this and you’ll see how he is,


when I first worked as a marketing job in Mint, the founder and CEO Aaron Patzer told me we needed to get 100000 users in the 6 months of the product launch.


number itself didn’t scare me: before joining Mint, I was Facebook’s number thirtieth employee. I’ve witnessed crazy, exponential subscriber growth. The difference between Mint is that we need to invent a reproducible growth engine and product from scratch.

as a matter of fact, I was very nervous, I started a market for the paint.

results: 12 months later, Mint already has 1000000 users. We made a comma out of the target at that time.

in an entrepreneurial world, "growth" is as important as oxygen to life, and failing to achieve a growth goal means death.


‘s growth goal is a matter of life and death, it is ironic that growth teams, marketers, and founders see growth as a belief in existence. Their plan was to work very hard, then knelt down and prayed to God that everything was magical.

the mistakes you make are simple, but restoring it has profound significance, and it fundamentally changes your way of achieving growth.

one. The easiest mistake to set up "growth" models is

The establishment and implementation of the

growth model does not depend on guesswork. That sounds obvious, but that’s what 99% of businesses are doing today.

My friend

Andrew Chen, the most common mistakes in his "good prediction of new product growth when the error and how to correct" in that he had seen ranked the first mistake is like this:


in the first n months, you will have U_0 X (1 + monthly growth) ^n users.

honestly, does that seem familiar to me,



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