From the media operation how to build high quality QQ talk about

network promotion has two magic weapons: flow is king, content is king. So, every day while writing articles, do not forget to study and apply various traffic methods. Walking on two legs, some can go far. Simple drainage, today it will lead to flow today. Otherwise, stop. However, if you can provide quality content for a long time, the faster the flow increases in the later stage. Who doesn’t know, but there are fewer people who insist on doing so.

relatively speaking, QQ promotion is relatively easy. I was often asked how I managed to do thousands of QQ,


I said, "because he has so many friends.".

make a rough estimate, when you have at least 5000 friends, say that the amount of browsing can exceed one thousand, and the average log traffic is about 300 to 500. QQ talking about browsing doesn’t mean you have a lot of fans. Other data, such as dot count, forwarding volume, number of comments, and so on, make up a quality QQ standard. Some people write more and more, write the so-called marketing plan, marketing strategy. I’m just the opposite, write more, love the child is father of the man.

one time,

says it should cover several important periods of the day. From 7 to 9 in the morning and from 12 to 14 in the evening, from 7 to 9 in the evening. Relatively speaking, the crowd is more concentrated. This is called research user habits.

two frequency

I have suggested a friend every day 10 talk, seems to have a scraper. However, QQ operation stage, brush sense of presence is necessary. The scraper should be moderate, otherwise easy to be shielded austria.

normally, say three to five. It’s OK to cover several important periods of the day. The next one is about keeping the 3 hour intervals between the last one and the last one. I’ve tested these things. To the people as a reference to it,


three type

chooses what type of content is released based on the location of its QQ space. I’ve summed up four general types of talk:

(1) text control

(2) funny

(3) inspiring tired

(4) life class

these as a supplement. As for the collection of materials, such as posts, forums, etc., can find what you want, and pay attention everywhere, there will be harvest.

four editing

says it folds up automatically for more than a certain number of words. Don’t try to content too long, short is the best. Pure text of the talk, obviously not as good as graphics and text collocation. Some words, generally one to four is appropriate, to ensure that users can read. With more than one map, so it is necessary to pay attention to map and map content to be connected, and not unrelated.

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