Adsense actual combat summary how to effectively enhance the website P

into the network industry, I should not be too late to enter the bar, when friends began to play CS, I have entered the world of the webmaster.

In the 03 years since

, bought a computer at home, I began to study the production and operation of the site, so many years, I do website from the hacker website, the size of the website made dozens of times, IP from day 30 to the highest 5000, though not like other webmasters to earn a lot of money, but also get a lot of combat below I will experience about how to enhance the experience of website.

web site first to stay the course, do not think half the IP enough to give up, the best content should be updated every day, and is the original, you can also in Sina, NetEase blog in search of some original articles (add blog articles are basically what types of search engines) so that your website in two during the week, and two days to update you a home page.


website set good keywords, this is very important, you must first understand the keyword, understand, set the key word generally do not use single words, and use short sentences or phrases, it is very important to optimize, but the repetition rate is not too high, so the search engine will put the net station when the station. (keyword, recently I saw a lot of sites in the use of sitebot station treasure, there are many high IP site, you can go to see the hot keywords, imitate other people’s keywords.


when you do the station, the pictures don’t waste, and each picture should be added with comments and watermarks. I have done several picture stations, the traffic is very high, and basically come from picture search or picture link.

station flow is very large, but I am not optimistic, I have been collecting garbage station, many articles, keyword is collected, at the beginning of the flow is relatively large, but not a breakthrough, will only become more and more small, finally until the search engine to your station K off.

said, I think there are a few old method is very useful, Baidu know to answer the question, but do not directly address the website that will be K, you can send some blog links, like I do not stop, I collected a lot of Title add links, like http:/ /, has been browse the tens of thousands of times, here I want to say, Baidu know to speak, each IP 3 times to 4 times, or articles will be deleted.

then added high PR Links, this is very useful, your just a month since online repeat of the article, so included more and more small, but after I try to add a 5-6 high PR links, accidentally discovered and re included, I do link free Links, is on the page, you can see (>

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