Lu Songsong talking about the status of template resources in website design

in the web design industry for many years, gradually formed a habit, a new design project took over after the first time to have similar to the template can be copied; also engaged in the design of many enterprises (small enterprises) will also buy a variety of design templates, web designers to provide direct copy, move and direct harm today is the result of many design projects cost is greatly reduced (by direct copy according to the template project design cost of course bottom), so the low price will inevitably lead to low design, low design must use the template! So, now lead to a website construction of this industry is more and more low threshold, more and more.

currently has a large number of design template resources popular on the web, such as Korean web templates, PSD layered templates, VI design templates, and so on, and the template class site traffic and ranking is very large.

In fact, the old Lu

template is to make people think of reference, understand the design ideas and the advanced concept, the key to see how to use the designer, the design idea is the most important, everyone does not love his mind is always someone else to drive, so a good reference template, and then find inspiration in of their own design, good things to learn inside, can.

is still the same sentence: "design comes from inspiration, inspiration comes from learning.". Use the touch plate others is a learning process for me, could I do every element of the design, I think that can be combined into new things with each design element / layer, the key is to be used in place of various elements. For example, the illustrations on each of my blogs use the resources in the template so that they can produce a blog post in a very short time.

, when you are doing a website or blog, how do you feel about all kinds of template resources on the Internet? (welcome friends to express their views!)

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