717 Taobao alliance line of communication Tmall New Cross shop permissions detailed explanation

these days, Taobao seems to be bustling with customers, there is only one reason, that is, the Taobao alliance to re Open Cross shop permissions.

first opened a number of online, not more than one hundred sites, followed by the day before July 17th is called a part of high quality Taobao off in the headquarters of the Alibaba conducted a small line of communication conference.

because I left the Taobao city is across the river, so it went to the specific content of the meeting, communication, do a simple share in this article


one, about cross store

Tmall’s Cross shop authority has been arguing since the end of last year. This time, they call the Cross shop "Xintian cat cross store settlement authority", although essentially the same, but the details are still a little different, divided into the following three aspects:

1. fixed URL promotion

on fixed URL promotion, in fact, is a league designated pages, have already done experiments before, that is, Tmall year big promotion page. As long as you import traffic into this page, you can have cross – store rights.

and a very low threshold, as long as you have a regular website and the layout of the Amoy gold, not all of these can stand template rebates directly to your store opened across the general authority, only in Taobao at the time of the activity will have.

2. shop promotion

shop promotion is very simple, that you use gold Amoy promotion shop, can cross shop. As for the application conditions, has been very vague, there is no specific rules, although the site communication still did not give a clear view, but one thing is for sure, the income is linked with the account, you also don’t want to have a very high demand, every month there is a 1000 block should be


in order to reflect the sincerity of the alliance’s communication, anyone who has participated in this meeting will open a three section PID shop to promote cross – store rights.

3. single product promotion + shop promotion

this cross shop is almost the same as our previous cross store. This is the biggest cross shop right at present, and the alliance has no intention of opening. But if you have detailed promotion scheme, can give Taobao alliance to bring more high-quality traffic, you can submit a program plan, after the audit may give you open this ultimate Cross shop authority!


two, about interactive investment

this meeting, in addition to discussing this cross shop authority, has also come up with a new thing, the temporary name is called "interactive investment."".

Now the dilemma facing

business is very difficult to find high-quality Taobao customers, while facing the dilemma is that high quality Taobao customers, they have flow on hand, but can not find satisfactory commissions would give their businesses. And join >

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