Discussion on some problems of initial construction of website

today, I’m going to talk to you about how we need to start a website. The important thing is not the technical problem, but your overall planning and positioning of the website. First of all, you should be clear about yourself. Do you have a what kind of website, what is the purpose of your website, so as to push the performance, function module, your website, identified these, you should have a plan, you are to be a one-time launch of a complete web site, or to the construction step by step, the construction period is you how long, how much is your investment, if you design is a non-profit website, how long would you expect to return you to the construction site in the period, or have a design template to consider the issue of money, these are a lot of friends and I consult the construction of the site, but he was not a whole to plan your website, this is not enough. Below I will be a few questions, and tell you, and this is my own views, not necessarily consistent with your ideas, and not necessarily and those experts talk about the same, for your reference only.

1, the website’s localization: website localization, I want to distinguish from the several aspects to the website, we do these distinctions, is for behind the instruction everybody carries on the website construction to do the foreshadowing work.

1, profit and non-profit website: this distinction we stand by our operators perspective, profitable website is on the website directly to obtain benefits for the purpose of the website, and non-profit web site is based on personal interests and public service as the main purpose of the site, so we mainly to distinguish and our websites linked to profitability, because the site does not need to establish smooth and secure customer payment channels, and non-profit website, do not consider this module.

2, regional and industry website website: regional web site is based on the region all or some industries or groups as the main audience of the site, he is limited to a specific area, to provide a number of services for a specific area of the crowd, which requires such sites more functions; and the industry website for specific industries the crowd to provide the service website. Many friends may divide to my identity, will let you say so to divide the general, then you say what is the NetEase website, if I say that he belongs to the regional site too much, he is the service area is big, the main face is Chinese, ha ha. This tutorial is for personal website to do, so I just stand in the perspective of individuals, no need to be so serious; actually stand in this way, the Alibaba can also be referred to as the industry website, he is facing industry business, the industry bigger.


technology supply and demand website website: I do this for classification, it says in terms of technology, supply refers to all sites with sufficient or certain website construction ability, can basically meet the needs of the construction site, and can be the reference for other site builders; technology demand type website indicates all end >

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