How to access customer information online in network marketing

network marketing era has arrived, prompting enterprises to expand their sales network through the network. For a while, many enterprises have focused their attention on the network platform. How to obtain customer data on the Internet and how to obtain customer data faster and more accurately is very important. How do business people improve their performance? How do you get your customers through the Internet? How do you find your prospective customers online?

has become a topic we need to discuss seriously.

(a) clear ourselves, to do confidant

knows what we’re looking for. It’s the key. Make sure you’re good before you do it. Don’t do things blindly, know what you do, understand your own situation.

since our company is a plastic and injection related training company, I would like to talk about how we can obtain information on the Internet and how to find our prospective customers. (the following methods are for reference only)

(two) make clear who is his client object, and have a definite object in mind,

each enterprise has its own customer groups, determine their customer groups, and ultimately find their customers is our goal. Understand the mission, function and value of the company. We can be sure that our goal is to: with injection molding (plastic) related businesses and individuals.

1. injection molding (plastics) related enterprises

includes: injection molding factory, electronics factory, hardware plastic factory, plastic hardware factory, toy factory, instrument factory, stationery factory, plastic mold factory, plastic factory, auto parts plant, medical equipment factory, household appliances factory (TV, washing machine, air conditioning, audio, refrigerator, disinfection cabinets, kitchen supplies factory) and the mobile phone factory, sporting goods factory, electric tool factory, office supplies factory (telephone, printer, copier, scanner, computer, projector, calculator, etc.) digital products factory, gift factory, cosmetics factory, button factory, small household electrical appliances products factory, bathroom products factory, optical instrument factory, hotel supplies, monitoring equipment factory factory, bag factory, shoe factory and metering equipment factory etc…….

2. injection molding (plastic) related personal

1. injection molding department, Director / Deputy General Manager / Supervisor, mold department, injection molding manager / Supervisor QC Manager / Supervisor, Project Manager / Supervisor, quality engineer, production engineer of injection molding, injection mold, master mold design engineers, product design engineer, injection molding manager / team leader etc…….

2., boss, Executive / personnel manager, Commissioner and other related personnel,

so far, we feel in touch: the boss, the personnel manager / Supervisor, the injection supervisor / manager are most effective. Because these people are the ones who have the right of decision and direct impact on our training.

(three) the method and skill of looking for customers online

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