How to choose a good domain name and station name in order to be favored by users and search engines

application domain is a very simple thing, to find relevant operators, then choose domain name registered pay OK! If you are really looking for food, that is all right, the domain name service provider customer service in order to make money, they will patiently teach you how to do. But is it really so simple? This is the registration, then you will pick it? Your domain name can be remembered at a glance? Your website name can make people remember all of a sudden? Can you let Baidu spider soon included


may, some people think the readability is not high, but otherwise, I learned according to the establishment of the experience, to the web site for a good domain name is not only a good memory to allow users to facilitate your search engine better. Today, I will show you how to apply for a good domain name and a good website name.


1. Domain name application

The application steps of

domain name is very simple, but learn how to choose a good domain name, now.Com four bit short domain name has been difficult to apply, the rest are some long domain names, but long domain names are not good, not too long it sucks, it depends on what you choose. The last stage of the domain name transaction (you can view the A5 webmaster network station will feature), domestic Larry and digital domain is hot, so the site can be considered a friend in this area.

1, domain name to facilitate memory

maybe a lot of people will say, is a nonsense you said, who do not know the domain name easy to remember, but what kind of domain name is easy to remember? Or for yourself, a domain name is easy to remember, but not necessarily suitable for others. Select the domain name can try to choose Larry, like, that knew how to remember; you can also choose the pure numbers, such as, but not any combination of numbers can be, if that people can remember a number; can also be a combination of numbers and letters, such as my website. 78t station network, domain name is, and the A5 webmaster network domain these are easy to remember domain name.

2, domain name and station name consistent,

in the webmaster circles so long time, saw a lot of domain name and the name of the station station without contact, although the search engines have no effect, but the user experience greatly reduced, perhaps your station name is easy to remember, so many users at once remember, but do not know what is the domain name in vain, don’t you love every time the user search engine to search? So it is best to be with his domain name to site in the choice of the name of the agreement is good, such as the A5 webmaster network domain name and A5 station stationmaster net is consistent, for example the 78t station network (, so that users can contact both.

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