Baidu to new sites included to slow down adhere to is the same principle

recently and webmaster friend in communication, have got a common information: Baidu for new station included time extended. After our previous sites included in the Baidu search engine submission, usually 1-2 days can be approved by Baidu, and the last week has set up two new sites, has not yet been included, consult the webmaster friends, they also have such a situation, perhaps this is a new change Baidu algorithm, to increase the new site audit efforts.


in the face of increased audit efforts as an ordinary webmaster how should we do to spend the new Baidu algorithm successfully? I think we should start from just entered the website at that time, his thinking from the old owners to switch to the new station, remember to do the first site of the time very carefully, to a a set of titles and keywords for a few days, and now the Baidu algorithm change is asking us to have the spirit, let us submit included before they do the preparatory work on the new station, so long as a

how to do?

first we should change that before using the new space in the new domain name, modify the program, with the Baidu algorithm change, the author suggests that our website is to modify the program to modify the best in some unused space and the space of the two domain names on the website, such programs have the wrong place to watch and modify but this does not affect the new station and the new space changes, when we revise and improve the program in the old space. Then, new domain name to the new space, finally the program is packaged in the new site, the amplitude by this method can modify the program to reduce the new domain and time changes, resulting in favor of Baidu search engine the new station.

the new online try not to optimize keywords, most owners have a common characteristic, that is love keywords in the web site layout deliberately want to optimize for this practice, I think it should be to change the time. Baidu to the railway station to strengthen the audit, it is not only for the new test is to plan future website ranking, if you are not on the website Baidu included to optimize the site keywords stack or deliberately, perhaps Baidu will not included your site, there is also a possibility that included after your site a few months do not give rankings, at present I have is this two sites have been included for three months, every day snapshot, but there is no ranking.

In the new

again not ready completely on-line query site information do not go to SEO Webmaster Tools query tool, because your site is not ready to go to the famous Adsense website to inquire the website information, this is likely to cause Baidu spiders with these tools into your website, if you let Baidu spider see is a busy site, you may not submit before the site in the search engines has been Baidu abandoned, so the railway station before it is best not to prepare thoroughly before the webmaster tools query site information. < >

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