Buy class website will face shuffle crisis


group purchase website this year as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain coming out, but if users look carefully will find the real strength of the scanty group purchase website, just a few days ago, the network industry broke the "group purchase fraud", this event has aroused great concern among netizens, who not only ask, in the face of hundreds of group purchase the website, how should we choose

?Based on the

group purchase website there is a very important point, is the public relations, public relations and business, group purchase site definition itself determines that it can only be used as a platform, in reality as the supermarket, many suppliers to provide a choice of goods or products for group purchase group purchase website, and the website it is the intention of the buyers to centralized navigation, resulting in a large number of purchasing power, this is one of many issues of convergence, out of touch with businesses in this group purchase website a link, the number of blind pursuit, which led to the "group purchase fraud", now it seems that the relevant state the Department has given great attention to this event, which is in a sense is fraud! Violate the law, violations of the interests of users of


first into the crisis group purchase website 1288 refund yesterday have changed dramatically, it claims in "sell yourself. "Sell 1288 to buy a net, the price is 100 thousand", this page of the website says like this, and mark already sold "light"".

this is full of self deprecating mood move is new in order to be different marked on the price be startled at "," eighty percent off "and that" for sale, has stable flow, suitable for small investment game website, selling more "good website et al". Yesterday, the founder of Mr. Huang’s mobile phone is always "no service", the person in charge of that has been sold to 100 thousand yuan only on the web site, but the closing date is 25 days yet to come, so this information is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

buy Group website is the most popular Internet business direction this year, its creativity from the United States web site Groupon, providing a huge discount every day, group buying transactions. According to statistics, at present, such as the domestic group to buy, and even looks are very similar to the site, there are nearly 1000. There are groups of entrepreneurs to reporters analysis, such sites just imitate the establishment of a similar site, initially invested only thousands of dollars, which may also be the emergence of such a large number of sites follow the trend of the reasons. But the construction site is only a beginning, the group buying website actually must face the very complex business flow

As can be seen from the

, in the next period of time, a large number of group purchase website was obliterated in this round of reshuffle, finally leave is strong, for users to consider the interests of the social responsibility of the group purchase website, this is not only a purification industry, but also a responsible person should have the Internet the performance of

! We’ll see!

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