Know how to read daily newspaper know how to let everyone to be chief editor

read the daily content extends to the entire Internet


knew yesterday that a new product was being released yesterday. Reading the daily newspaper – simply speaking, is an application to aggregate all the content on the Internet. Everyone has the right to recommend content and build his own daily.

The application of

to read daily has been officially launched, if you are already known users, can be directly used to account login, you can read the daily recommended to you the attention of the user and daily they have created, after the subscription in the home can see know almost daily, and daily update subscription.


landing page and home page

besides, you can be your own editor and create a daily newspaper.

theory, all the Internet content, articles, music, videos that comply with the law…… You can copy the link to the message page and recommend the article to your daily.


recommended article


recommends articles, read the daily newspaper and encourage you to change a more attractive title with your own comments. When readers read the daily content, they will jump directly to the original page, and will not intercept the flow of the original article, and avoid copyright disputes.

The problem with

is that, in fact, the function of recommending the content of the daily newspaper was already known earlier. Know the team also said, read the predecessor of the newspaper, in fact, know almost daily 3 beta edition.

knows the co-founder Huang Jixin yesterday also announced the 3 known almost daily beta version of the test results for April since, there have been 3000 editor, create or join the 4000 recommended daily, including news, movies, art, music, Internet, life style etc..

Since the

performance is not bad, why do the new product a similar function? Read the daily release of confusing, but compared to know almost daily, is more like the known "son" — at least, it can be used to know the account login, and know almost daily has not support this function.

and Huang Jixin’s response does not solve our doubts. "Through data monitoring found that users are now more used to recommend articles to WeChat friends, friends circle.". So read the daily newspaper to support the account and WeChat account, and know that the daily only supports micro-blog landing."

in the future, Huang Jixin also said that the two products will operate independently, but the two account system will be opened to facilitate users will know the daily data transferred to read the daily.

does not say first, read the daily newspaper will not fire, but know that its two products are more confusing.

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