SEO ranking how to adjust the layout of the website

many webmaster all value the quality of the website, the influence of the quantity of the chain on the website ranking, but ignore the website structure factor. Many search engines have included network structure factors into the ranking of websites. The benefits of website structure have not only affected the browsing of website users, but also affected the performance of website ranking.

website layout occupies an important position in the home page layout structure, a good layout will allow visitors positioned as regular, trusted sites. For the homepage layout of the website, pay attention to the design of the layout color not more than 3 kinds. Too much color can make people feel uncomfortable.


in the website structure navigation aspect, the enterprise website does not appear the meaningless column. Such as: company profile, sales network, human resources, corporate culture, contact information. Navigation is simply a guideline for classifying and guiding core content of a web site, not for commercial information (high repetition) information (contact us, etc.) as a column. Good navigation: user communication, information industry. (easy to update, but also beneficial to the user) for the blog site navigation column number is generally less than 6. (understaffed, unable to update in time).

does not upload audit information to the enterprise website, disable the official word. This is very sensitive to Baidu, do not adapt, literally written in the title of the home page, Baidu’s official website certification website is

Keywords density home

site structure: in fact, before the SEO training course has been mentioned, the main core keywords not more than 8 times! More than 30 new home page keywords, start ranking is very good, but after a period of time, the ranking is getting worse. The reason is: new sites can not be a good judge, began to give rankings. After follow-up data analysis, found that too many keywords, is optimized excessive cheating, this is typical of new station ranking gradually decline.

web structure disable spider trap: pictures, flash, JS and so on.

(1) pictures are too big and too many. (slow, affecting home user experience);

(2) appeared video, animation, flash and so on. (slow, affecting layout);

(3) calls CSS too much. (Baidu cannot recognize);

(4) uses a large number of JS files. (Baidu does not crawl, domestic Sogou crawl take, JS easy to contain viruses, so do not crawl), after the site program is done, you must source code, database script package back up. To prevent the site was captured, black, etc. to restore the use of.

(5) retains a large number of useless plug-ins. (plugins tend to have holes). These plug-ins are streamlined to help optimize them. If you do not delete, it adds to the spider’s burden

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