Product operations portal needs to know how to attract 100W users for your product

product design to users exceeded one million, products in different stages, we have to do what things? Internet product operation in the market for business oriented, customer operation center, taking the data as the operation basis, to product life cycle operation strategy, continuous improvement and optimization of products, brand marketing.


as a APP operator, today we say, from product design to the user to break through millions, at different product stages, we have to do what?

product development period – before the product line

first of all, product operations to clear the product positioning and target users. Product positioning and target users determine what problems the product will solve, the style of the product, and the strategy that will affect subsequent product operations. After all, the product is often just a solution to the needs of a fixed population, not a universal demand.

understands the product positioning and target users, and the operations should be involved in product design and development, while providing some product testing support. At this stage, the product and operations should be coordinated with sufficient tacit agreement to develop a product line plan.

in addition, product operations should do the necessary preparatory work: shelves, channel collation and account registration, WeChat public number, micro-blog, preheating program production and implementation, product line activities program.

and yes, if it is Android channels, large channels of first round of cooperation must be considered, such as: Baidu mobile assistant, 360 mobile assistant, application treasure, etc., have new products starting. You must first understand the rules of the major channels, and communicate reservations for the scheduled period. New starter can bring the first batch of natural growth "seed user", the effect is good.

product seed period – Product closed beta

at this stage, the main purpose of product operations is to collect user behavior data and related issues feedback, and product planning, analysis and discussion, product optimization. The main concerns are: page path conversion, button clicks, start times, start time periods, length of stay, etc.. At this stage, the amount of data is not large, but it is true. The main source of product users is the product team invites people around, as well as the channel’s first natural new users.

must note here: the operation of the seed phase is not only at this stage, but in the process of iteration of each version of the product.

product growth – Product explosion

product itself performance and experience no problem, then the product is the beginning of large-scale promotion of the important time.

promotion period, the main purpose is to expand the impact of the absorption of users. At this stage, the first thing to do is to spread the volume and cover the major channels, such as Baidu mobile assistant, Android market, 91 mobile assistant, and 3>

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