Website analysis college entrance examination answer

1: if a visit – 24 in the morning, then the visit will be on yesterday or today? How to calculate the corresponding Page View? (this is a person’s question, this question is really quite by surprise the


: [answer] I haven’t looked at any information, but I think it’s easy to answer this question from the monitoring principle of website analysis. Because the monitoring of visit is dependent on cookie, the time that visit occurs is the time that cookie is updated, and the time that pageview occurs depends on the time that the page code is run by the client. Therefore, the visit will be counted yesterday, and the corresponding page view will be calculated yesterday or today according to the time that the page code was run.

Title 2: what are the advantages and disadvantages of collecting data from web analytics via server logs?

[answer]: this may have to open a new post to answer. If you like, I’ll open a new post. Please leave a message. More than 20 friends, there is a demand message, I will write two special posts. If it is not more than 20, it will not be written. Everyone can read my book in the future.

question 3: if I visited my website in March 31st and April 1st, what was the total number of monthly unique visitor in March and April,


[answer]: 2. The reason for this is how the novice should learn the web site and analyze the replies to the II article.

4: imagine you do the following things: "boring" you click on an ad, into a GA monitoring landing page (Landing Page), then 5 minutes and then click on the ad, then the browser window that the original landing page to be refreshed, and then you took another 26 minutes and click on the ads in the browser landing page is refreshed again. The process is boring, but the number of ads increases so much, how much does the number of visit on the site increase?

? Click

[answer]: Click increased by 3, visit by 1. The reason why Visit does not increase is that visit cookie is not refreshed.

5 is also the boring things above, you click on the behavior and time interval are the same, but this time the page is not in the original browser window is refreshed, but no one click advertising will make the browser to open a new tab window shows the same landing page. In this case, the number of visit on the site has increased so much?

[answer]: tab does not affect. Visit is up by 1.

question 6: why do we often find that advertising clicks count more than those ads bring to the website (visi>

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