Return three times lasted four months has been difficult to record the operation of the site histor

first of all I told you about the specific situation, because there is no attention to the record, so the site was built directly after the overseas space, and then concentrate on doing promotion. In doing promotion, feel overseas host speed affect promotion effect, so want to move back to the country.

because I already had a website for the record before, so my record is to increase access, the need to prepare the materials ready it directly to the space business record, let me put the record during the space station off, because the site has been PR3, snapshot is updated every day, and the article has wonderful collection that is afraid of K station, so not willing to let the space directly submit.

wait 20 days after the receipt of the information, but is refused information: people can not take "Chinese" to name the site! Although I didn’t record information "China" of the word, but the word site title, so be returned directly.

quickly put the "Chinese" two words removed, and then submitted to! Wait patiently for about 20 days after the receipt of the information, but also refused to the web contents with personal qualifications do not match, please provide the relevant qualification certificate, or unit name for the organizers!

is depressed, because the website has the reason of product and advertisement, be considered to be operating website? Let’s say not, I think you are the audit business when operating the site returned to revise it, in order to reduce the impact on the search engine, I only modify the site home page, put a sentence: the site for the record, the record after we provide better product information, product knowledge. And then ask the space provider to submit it.

waited patiently for 20 days to receive the information, but still refused the information: the website involved content and personal qualifications do not match, please provide the relevant qualification certificate, or the unit name as the sponsor,


crash! That’s impossible! Do you really want to turn off the station? Think about running for a long time, and stop chewing your teeth! And then submit your application again!


only stop for three or four days, the site snapshot is gone, included and keyword also began to fall…… Distressed ah! This site will be K? K can turn over? After do not lose big! More uneasy, think of past record is about 20 days of audit, then closed mind move: stand on the line? The heart a horizontal and a website open! After a few days, the snapshot finally restored, although more than 20 days ago, but came back.

calculates the time every day and turns the website off in about 16 days! The mood waited for a week, and finally received the audit message, this text messages rarely, but let me excited: your record information has been updated!

finally passed! From the first submission to nearly 4 months passed, four applications were submitted before and after, and it was hit back three times! It’s not easy, it’s not easy,


for this time >

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