The Empire CMS in the eyes of an empire lover

Hello, I am the webmaster of Henan oilfield network. I’m talking about Empire CMS today. I haven’t had to focus on Dede and phpcms, today on the Internet to see some new webmaster, asking for the whole station system which PHP station open source good. It’s not quite right to see a lot of conclusions, and I’ll combine these open source experiences to talk about the three software. Of course, I mainly use the CMS Empire more, probably is not entirely correct, as do the novice from.

, let’s talk about Empire CMS first. My main focus now is on Empire CMS, and I’ve been playing empire for a year or two, and I know more about the Empire CMS function. The outstanding advantage of Empire CMS is the custom system model, which is very flexible. This is the essence of imperial CMS. As a webmaster, I believe most people agree with me.

does that mean that phpmcs and dedecms are lacking in custom models,


, I’m not a senior user of Dede and phpcms, so it’s not convenient to make a thorough comment. But from the point of view of Empire CMS, the Empire’s custom model is very good. It can adapt to many system extensions. For example, you want to make a tourism system, to define a field tourism many, such as address, consumer prices, per capita consumption of Google map positioning, etc., to do with the Empire, but it is a few minutes. We can also customize the Empire CMS into the webmaster’s own daily technical management system, we use a variety of technical information, classified storage in this machine, for reference to the development of time.

of course, the Empire also has unpleasant places, that is, for novice webmaster, there is a certain degree of difficulty. The technical fact is that the more flexible the system is, the more difficult it is to master, and the Empire CMS belongs to this category. However, this is not a problem for a veteran Empire CMS user. With the familiar, a variety of functions mastered, and naturally there will be no entry level difficulty. For example, in my recent development of the Henan oilfield network, I was prepared to use imperial CMS as the kernel to develop a variety of excellent Internet applications. For example, classification information (with combination search and screening criteria), online movie system, online song system, travel system, gourmet system, health channel, merchant yellow pages, picture channels, etc.. In addition, these channels and forums and SNS combine to become Web2.0 oriented integrated local portal system.

naturally, imperial CMS is good enough for these functions.

said that. I’m talking about Empire cms. Indeed, the flexibility of the system is the biggest advantage of Empire cms. But this is not to say that the CMS empire is invincible. Look at our dedecms and phpcms, and the PHP168 that prides itself on being the boss

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