Telus union joins opposition to any Verizon special treatment

BURNABY, B.C. — The Telecommunications Workers Union, representing Telus and Shaw workers across Canada, is adding its voice to those opposed to any special treatment for Verizon to enter Canada’s wireless market.The union says there’s no guarantee of lower cellphone bills for Canadians and Verizon will operate in lucrative urban markets, ignoring rural communities.The Telecommunications Workers Union joins the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada in calling on Ottawa to allow all wireless companies to operate on the same level playing field.Canada’s big wireless carriers, Telus, Rogers and Bell, have also launched a media blitz to warn that, under the current rules, they would be at a disadvantage if Verizon were allowed into the market.There have been reports that big U.S. carrier Verizon is considering buying Wind Mobile — and possibly struggling Mobilicity — as a way to enter the Canadian market.Those opposed say Verizon, which has about 100 million customer in the U.S., would gain an upper-hand in Canada’s wireless market through existing rules that would give it an unfair advantage in the upcoming wireless spectrum auction.So far the federal government isn’t budging on the current rules, saying more competition will benefit Canadians. read more

Lars Jorgensen retires from playing for the national team

Lars Jorgensen has decided to withdraw from playing for the national team, as he feels too tired for it already. This means Ulrik Wilbek will not only miss the AG Copenhagen player for the qualification matches for the European championship, but will also miss him for the next World Cup championship.Jorgensen said that the reasons for this are that he feels exhausted, and that the only possibility to play, is if there is suddenly a big gap in the Danish defence, i.e. if injuries occur and the defence remains weak. He also mentioned that it’s possible that he plays one or two matches in the qualifying if the results of the national team get worse. ← Previous Story Chaos in the Macedonian National team Next Story → Savevski resigned – Sundovski changed him read more