Robert Griffin lll Tweets Hes Cleared to Play Football

Operation Patience….Complete. Cleared. To God Be The Glory— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) August 30, 2013 Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was cleared Thursday by his surgeon to play when the regular season opens on Sept. 9. However, coach Mike Shanahan was cautious when telling reporters the good news.”There’s a couple of concerns that he has,” Shanahan said to reporters. ”I’ll talk to Robert over the weekend, and I’ll let you guys know on Monday.”Griffin wasn’t available for questioning on the matter, but the team is expecting him to start against the Philadelphia Eagles.“That’s just the type of player Robert is, just his will and determination to be back on that field,” said teammate Alfred Morris. “I’m not surprised, and I’m looking forward to him coming out and having a good game.”The 2012 Offensive Rookie of The Year participated in the coin toss, but watched the preseason game 30-12 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the sideline. At the conclusion of the game Griffin tweeted, “Operation Patience complete: Cleared” read more

Cop Who Tackled Tennis Star James Blake Testifies That

Tennis player James Blake arrives at City Hall in New York.  (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)NEW YORK (AP) — The police officer who tackled retired tennis player James Blake in a mistaken arrest outside a Manhattan hotel testified Tuesday that he and his family have been getting death threats since the 2015 incident.Officer James Frascatore was part of an undercover operation targeting credit card fraud and mistakenly thought Blake was one of the suspects. A security video captured Frascatore tackling and handcuffing Blake, who was let go after officers realized their mistake. The mayor and the former police commissioner publicly apologized to the ex-tennis star.In his second departmental trial connected in the incident, Frascatore said he was just following orders to arrest a man who looked like Blake. He said his career had been destroyed and described the upheaval it brought to his life and family.“The best way to describe it is hell,” he said. “I had death threats coming in to my children, my wife, myself. We had to move numerous times.”Frascatore also accused Blake of creating a “false narrative about an out-of-control cop.”“He’s part black and I’m white and it turned into a racial issue,” he said.Blake’s mother is white, and his father is black. Blake has said he thought the incident was mostly about excessive force, but also about how communities of color are generally treated.In closing remarks Tuesday, prosecutor Javier Seymour said Frascatore broke department rules.At Frascatore’s first departmental trial, police watchdog lawyers said he should lose 10 vacation days as punishment for excessive force, but the police commissioner overruled that recommendation and docked him five vacations days. Blake said the punishment was too light.The second trial was initiated by allegations that Frascatore participated in the investigation and leaked a longer videotape of the incident to the media.Frascatore denied telling anyone to leak the longer tape, saying his sister-in-law gave it out in an attempt to stop the death threats. He said he was “disgusted” the NYPD didn’t release the extended video which showed him shaking hands with Blake and apologizing after the false arrest.“It was very upsetting considering only part of it had been released,” he said.Frascatore’s lawyer, Peter Brill, said the NYPD overreacted to the incident.“The department reacts by placing too much blame. He was simply doing his job.” read more

Milwaukee Police Chief Fires Cop Over Social Media Posts

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Milwaukee officer involved in the stun gun arrest of Bucks’ player Sterling Brown has been fired because of social media posts mocking the incident, the city’s police chief said Thursday.Police Chief Alfonso Morales said the firing decision was not tied to anything Erik Andrade did when Brown was arrested, but explained that the social media posts compromised the officer’s ability to testify in other cases. Morales spoke about the case at a Marquette University event.FILE – In this April 1, 2018, file photo, Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown is seen during an NBA basketball game in Denver. A Milwaukee police officer involved in the stun gun arrest of Bucks’ player Sterling Brown has been fired because of social media posts. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)Brown sued the police department in June and accused officers of using excessive force and targeting him because he’s black. A group of officers swarmed on him at a Walgreens parking lot because he didn’t immediately remove his hands from his pockets. Brown was standing with the officers waiting for a citation for parking in a disabled spot early on Jan. 26, but never appeared to threaten police before or during his arrest, according to police body camera videos.Andrade later mocked Brown on Facebook for his arrest.“Nice meeting Sterling Brown of the Milwaukee Bucks at work this morning! Lol#FearTheDeer,” one Facebook post read, referencing a slogan used to cheer on the Bucks at games. Andrade also posted a racist meme of Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant.Morales said in a statement that Andrade’s posts violate the department’s social media policies.“They have a racist connotation and are derogatory, mocking an individual who was recently the subject of officers’ use of force,” Morales said. “Such comments also directly affect his credibility and ability to testify in future hearings as a member of this Department. I have not, and will not, tolerate such behavior.”Andrade was at the scene when Brown was arrested but was not among the officers who took him down, according to police. A total of 11 officers involved in the arrest were disciplined or retrained, but Andrade was not among those punished at the time.The president of the Milwaukee Police Association, Mike Crivello, did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment on behalf of Andrade. Andrade does not have a listed phone number.Morales apologized to Brown for his officers’ actions and the Bucks’ second-year guard was never charged with anything. read more

Somehow Rafael Nadal Got Better On Clay

For all his dominance, the only accomplishment Nadal has yet to achieve is going undefeated in the four premier clay court tournaments1The Monte Carlo Masters, the Barcelona Open, the Madrid Open and the Italian Open. and then winning the French Open in a single season. The closest he came was in 2013, when he lost the Monte Carlo final to Djokovic and then won his next four clay events, including the French Open. Last year was similar for Nadal: He won four clay tournaments but lost in the quarterfinals at the Italian Open, in straight sets to Dominic Thiem. He later thumped Thiem in straight sets in the French Open semifinals, finishing the match with a 6-0 set.For Nadal to win in Madrid and Italy this year, he’ll need to stay healthy and play as few taxing games as possible, as he has done so far. But no matter what happens in those tourneys, unless he’s hurt, he’ll be the heavy favorite to win the French Open, where his record is 79-2. Don’t be surprised if that turns into 86-2 come June. When Rafael Nadal arrives in Paris this season with a chance to win his 11th French Open title, he could be there in a way no one expected: better than ever on clay.Nadal, who will be 32 years old in June, should have been finished by now, especially on clay. It’s rare for players older than 30 to win the French Open, and Nadal had been on a downward trend. He didn’t win the tournament in 2015 or 2016, and he won just two clay tournaments in 2015. Even worse, he lost to Novak Djokovic that year in the French Open quarterfinals, a sure sign that he was no longer invincible. (Djokovic won in straight sets, including a deadly 6-1 in the third.) A year later, Nadal left the French Open after winning two rounds because of a wrist injury. Even at his best in those two years, he looked well behind Djokovic, who beat Nadal seven times in a row without losing a set, including three on clay.But instead of crumbling, Nadal has climbed back and become more dominant on clay than ever before. He’s done it with more powerful strokes, a stronger serve and more volleys — and, most important, the confidence that seemed to escape him several years ago. Since the start of last year’s French Open, Nadal hasn’t lost a set on clay in three tournaments plus two Davis Cup matches. That’s an all-time record of 46 clay court sets in a row, smashing the former record of 35 consecutive clay wins by Guillermo Coria. Nadal has come close to this before, too: Four other times in his career he won 30 or more consecutive sets on clay, according to the ATP World Tour. But Nadal isn’t just winning matches on the surface he loves; he’s dominating them. Nadal’s dominance ratio, which is the measure of a player’s winning percentage when returning serve versus the opponent’s winning percentage on serve return points, is at the highest it’s ever been over the past two years. Essentially, his opponents are never safe on the court — Nadal can win any point at any time. In Barcelona this year, Martin Klizan lost his first set against Nadal at love, but he broke Nadal’s serve in the second set and led 5-3. Nadal held serve and then saved three set points against him to tie up the set at 5-5. Nadal proceeded to win the next two games to close out the match. Tennis has never seen a player who excels more on a single surface than Nadal. His career on clay boggles the mind. He owns a record that, in tennis, doesn’t compute — it shouldn’t be possible. His overall record on clay is 401-35: Yes, that’s 92 percent. In the Open era, which began in 1968, no other star in tennis has come close to that on any surface. The next highest winning percentage on clay comes from Bjorn Borg, who won 86 percent of his clay court matches — and he played far fewer matches than Nadal (294 in all on clay). The best players on other surfaces don’t match Nadal, either. Roger Federer has won eight Wimbledon titles, an all-time record, and 87 percent of his matches on grass, in 188 attempts. Pete Sampras, a seven-time Wimbledon winner, won 84 percent of his 121 total matches on grass. And Djokovic, winner of six titles at the Australian Open and two at the U.S. Open, has an 84 percent winning percentage in his 609 hard court matches. read more

The 2019 NBA Draft Class Is Short By Basketball Standards

Neil Paine contributed research. It isn’t that bigs are no longer effective in the pace-and-space modern NBA. As we previously noted, 21 of the league’s 50 most valuable players by VORP two seasons ago stood 6-foot-10 or taller, a high for the league since the ABA merger in 1976. This season, it was up to 26 players.In a league that seemingly gets longer by the minute, it’s telling that switchability — rather than height — is expected to dominate this year’s draft. This year’s NBA Finals pitted 6-foot-7 Draymond Green against 7-foot-1 Marc Gasol, and although the latter won the championship, the incoming archetype more closely mirrors the former. If things play out as ESPN’s latest mock draft suspects, this year’s lottery will feature a bevy of oversized guards, guys capable of being slotted at either guard or wing, bigs with the lateral quickness necessary in modern NBA defense … and one 7-footer.No longer can bigs be immobile. They must now move laterally at a high rate, tread water against guards on pick-and-roll sets and defend multiple positions on the interior. Positional flexibility is here to stay — look no further than Thursday night’s draft. A year after an NBA draft dominated by very large human beings, the draft class to be announced Thursday night should look a lot … shorter. Big men are obviously still alive and well in the NBA, but this class illustrates that the league now focuses on positional flexibility and finds itself firmly rooted in a style of play that prioritizes shooting, spacing and length over height.According to rankings from ESPN’s Jonathan Givony, there isn’t a single player taller than 6-foot-7 projected to be taken in the first five picks and just one 7-footer forecast for the lottery. The average height of the projected Top 10 selections is 78.8 inches, or nearly 6-foot-7. While that may be well above the national average, by NBA beanstalk standards this would be the fifth-shortest Top 10 of any draft since 1985. It’s also a stark contrast to 12 months ago, when 7-foot-1 DeAndre Ayton went No. 1 overall, five of the first seven selections were bigs,1That list doesn’t include 6-foot-7 Luka Doncic, who is among the league’s tallest point guards. and six lottery picks were at least 6-foot-10. This season, only one projected lottery pick exceeds 82 inches.But just because this year’s draft has downsized doesn’t mean the incoming crop is all Lilliputian guards. The class is full of versatile wings, and surefire top selection Zion Williamson is an athletic marvel unlike anyone in recent memory. In fact, this draft class is perhaps the clearest encapsulation of the league’s transition away from the lumbering frontcourt.Take Gonzaga’s Brandon Clarke, for example, who is 6-foot-8 and among 20 players invited to sit in the green room. Last season, coach Mark Few tasked him with protecting the rim. Clarke proceeded to set the single-season blocks record and was the backline of the most dominant shot-blocking unit Few has had in his 20 years in Spokane. “I’m not 7 foot,” Clarke told FiveThirtyEight, “but I have really, really good timing by the basket. Even though I’m 6-8, I feel like I play like I’m much taller.”Juxtapose that with Tacko Fall, a 7-foot-6 skyscraper who will likely become the tallest player in the NBA since Yao Ming.2The son of Manute Bol, the tallest player in NBA history, is not the tallest person in this draft class. Bol Bol is only 7-foot-3. He’s coming off one of the most efficient scoring careers in the history of college basketball, but there’s a fairly good chance that he won’t be drafted Thursday night, a notion that would stun front office execs of yesteryear.Indeed, there was a time when the most coveted player in an NBA draft was a 7-foot, back-to-the-basket force, capable of controlling the game on both ends of the floor. From 1980 to 1992, nine of the top overall selections were at least 6-foot-10, with seven3Joe Barry Carroll in 1980, Ralph Sampson in 1983, Hakeem Olajuwon in 1984, Patrick Ewing in 1985, Brad Daugherty in 1986, David Robinson in 1987 and Shaquille O’Neal in 1992. checking in at 7 feet. But the NBA has changed in myriad ways since the draft was first televised in 1980. Nowadays, even the positions are different, as the 1-5 designation has largely be replaced by three options: guard, wing, big. As such, the coveted prototype for each classification has changed dramatically.“Most high school and college coaches would tell a big to stay back and protect the rim,” said Justin Zormelo, a personal trainer who specializes in analytics and has trained NBA All-Stars. “As you can see in the NBA, you can’t do that anymore.”Slow and plodding — like Roy Hibbert — is out. Quick, long and athletic — like Giannis Antetokounmpo — is in. It’s no coincidence that most of the players in the top half of this draft have been lauded for their ability to switch on defense or play multiple positions on the floor.“Being able to move laterally is important,” Zormelo said. “Understanding your length. Being able to play in different areas of the floor rather than just setting up in front of the basket. Developing a shooting touch. This is now critical.”Let’s look at the Top 5 frontcourt selections in this year’s draft: Williamson, De’Andre Hunter, Sekou Doumbouya, Jaxson Hayes and Rui Hachimura. Their average height: 80.8 inches. Compare that to previous years, and there’s a clear disparity. read more

Tall Players Like Joel Embiid Are More Prone to Injury

This was never supposed to be Joel Embiid’s draft. College stars Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins were expected to be the frontrunners for 2014. But as the NCAA season began, Embiid, a center for Kansas, amazed, prompting his coach to compare him to Hakeem Olajuwon. He was ascendant — the kind of guy an NBA team tanks for.Then came the injuries. Embiid sprained his left knee early in the season and suffered a bone contusion, missing only one game. Later, right before the Big 12 tournament, doctors diagnosed him with a spondylolysis, a stress fracture in his lower back. The injury forced him out of the NCAA tournament but not out of the NBA draft. Many draft boards had him going first, convinced that teams would see the potential beyond the injuries.But last week Embiid had surgery to repair a stress fracture in the navicular bone of his foot. He’s reported to be out four to six months, and with the draft on Thursday there’s no telling where he’ll fall. USA Today now projects that Embiid will be the third pick and an consensus mock draft projects him at fifth.Teams may be right to show concern about Embiid’s injuries, in part because of his height. Embiid is listed as 7’ tall by ESPN. Examining recent high draft picks reveals that taller players have gone on to miss a larger percentage of games than their shorter peers. Since 2000, 97 players 6’9” and taller have been drafted by teams with lottery selections (the first 13 or 14 picks in the draft, depending on the year). These players missed 17.9 percent of their potential NBA games (regular season and postseason, where appropriate) to injury over the course of their careers, while the 95 players 6’8” or shorter missed just 13.5 percent. The percentage of games missed generally increases as height increases. Players 7’0” or taller have missed nearly 24 percent of their games.That doesn’t factor in Embiid’s specific injuries. The navicular bone injury is the most troubling. The navicular is one of the tarsal bones located in the mid-foot, and an injury to the area is significant. In Embiid’s case, it required surgical intervention.Other players have had navicular fractures (it was the only injury to sideline Michael Jordan for an extended period of time in Chicago), but it’s been fairly uncommon the last few years. I keep a database of every injury in the NBA for any player who’s played since 2009, including each player’s entire injury history, even if the injury took place before 2009. Only seven affected NBA players out of a possible 900+ in my data set had a navicular fracture.Perimeter players including Jordan and Minnesota Timberwolves guard Kevin Martin both fared well following navicular fractures. But unfortunately for Embiid, the precedent set by big men to suffer the injury doesn’t inspire much confidence. In three of the seven navicular cases (including for perimeter and post players), the fracture reoccurred or additional surgery was needed. All three players (Curtis Borchardt, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Yao Ming) stood 7 feet or taller. There’s another seven-footer, too, whose prognosis we’re not sure of yet: Brendan Haywood suffered a navicular fracture in October 2013 and didn’t play a minute this year for Charlotte. We’ll have to wait to see how his foot holds up.Small sample size, of course, but it begins to tell us what teams might be able to expect from Embiid. And there are always outliers. The careers of Kevin McHale (who played too long ago to be included in my database) and Ilgauskas provide some optimism. McHale bounced back following his injury in the 1987 postseason and played seven more seasons, including four at an All-Star level. Ilgauskas also went on to have a productive career.Then again, that only happened after his third foot surgery, a procedure that involved reshaping multiple bones in his foot. read more

WhackAMole Buckeyes pound Golden Gophers to remain undefeated

Last Tuesday’s win over Iowa was the 110th in the career of Ohio State forward David Lighty, tied for the most in school history. Sunday, with his team trying to hold off a furious comeback from visiting Minnesota, Lighty fouled out with two-and-a-half minutes remaining in the game. Now relegated to the bench, the fifth-year senior could only watch as his teammates tried to clinch his record-breaking victory. It was “the most nervous I’ve probably ever been because I can’t do anything about it,” Lighty said. “I can’t get back in the game to help my team win.” When junior William Buford blocked a potential game-tying shot as time expired, the No. 2 Buckeyes (16-0, 3-0 Big Ten) sealed a 67-64 victory, despite nearly blowing an 18-point, second-half lead. Lighty finished with a game-high 19 points. As is often the case in the Big Ten, the game featured a slow, bruising pace for most of the afternoon. Both teams had stretches in which they struggled to score and both committed a lot of fouls, combining for 44 overall. After finishing his third conference game of the year, freshman Jared Sullinger said he’s learned a lot about what it takes to succeed in the Big Ten. “For me, it’s physicality,” Sullinger said. “It’s real physical down in the paint and the refs just look at you like, ‘Uh, this is the Big Ten,’ so I’ve learned that you have to be physical.” Early on it was hustle, not physicality, that Sullinger used to spark OSU. Midway through the first half, Sullinger dove to the floor on the defensive end to force a jump-ball. Although Minnesota retained possession, it left the Gophers with little time on the shot clock and forced them to take, and miss, a contested, low-percentage shot. More importantly, Sullinger’s play ignited the near-capacity crowd at the Schottenstein Center for the first time all afternoon, and the Buckeyes responded. Starting with a 3-pointer from Buford on the ensuing possession, OSU went on a 10-0 run, culminating with a 3-pointer from freshman Aaron Craft. The Buckeyes opened up a 12-point lead and eventually went to the break up 10. The Gophers cut the lead to eight with just more than 11 minutes to go. But 3-pointers from both Craft and senior Jon Diebler, coupled with two from Lighty, sent the Buckeyes on a 12-2 run. The run gave OSU a 16-point lead, its biggest of the game. However, the Gophers answered with a run of their own, cutting the lead to seven with less than six minutes to play. Several Buckeye turnovers and missed free throws, to go along with Gopher baskets down the stretch, shrunk the OSU lead to just four with less than two minutes to go. An Al Nolen 3-point play with a minute to go cut the lead to three. Senior Dallas Lauderdale then missed two free throws, giving the Gophers possession with a chance to tie the game. “One thing happens on one end and you can’t run to the other end and compound the mistake,” coach Thad Matta said of his team’s struggles down the stretch. “We’ve got to continue to look and learn and make sure our execution should be at an all-time high.” On the final possession, when the Buckeyes most needed a stop, the execution was just as the coach wanted. Lauderdale denied Minnesota’s Blake Hoffarber the ball, forcing freshman Austin Hollins to take the desperation 3-point shot, which Buford blocked to preserve the win. “I was about as proud as I could be of our defense for probably the first 32 minutes of the game,” Matta said. “There were a couple plays that happened and really, really turned the momentum, and we have to be tougher and play through that.” Forward Trevor Mbakwe led the Gophers with 16 points, but several Gophers made big shots down the stretch. Minnesota made all 19 of its free throw attempts in the second half, and finished 24-27 from the line overall. It was one of the few times all year that the Buckeyes have been challenged down to the wire, but despite not executing to perfection, Lighty said he was happy with the perseverance his team showed. “It got a little hectic and we just had to keep our heads,” Lighty said. “Things didn’t go our way, but we stuck in there and found a way to win.” Sullinger finished the game with 15 points and 12 rebounds, his eighth double-double of the season. Craft, who played 34 minutes off the bench, finished with 11 points and a team-high seven assists. The Buckeyes will travel to Ann Arbor, Mich., to play Michigan at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. read more

Next 3 games pose no easy task for undefeated Buckeyes

The Ohio State men’s basketball team has managed to remain unbeaten through its first 24 games this season. But maintaining an unblemished record through their remaining seven games might prove to be a more difficult task for the Buckeyes. OSU picked up a road win at Minnesota — a place where no current Buckeye, except fifth-year senior forward David Lighty, had won in his career — on Sunday. Now the team will travel to a place where no Buckeye, including Lighty, has won: Madison, Wis. Following their matchup with No. 13-ranked Wisconsin, the Buckeyes will return to Columbus for their lone matchup of the season with Michigan State. After starting off as the No. 2 team in the nation, the Spartans are in the midst of a disappointing season, having fallen out of both The Associated Press‘ Top 25 and ESPN/USA Today Coaches’ polls. Still, MSU, which appeared in the past two Final Fours, remains a threat to the Buckeyes’ undefeated record. The Spartans tout an experienced roster, led by the 2009 Big Ten Player of the Year Kalin Lucas, who leads the team in scoring with 15.8 points per game. MSU also has players with size — 6-foot-7, 230-pound Draymond Green and 6-foot-9, 270-pound Derrick Nix — who could present matchup issues for OSU freshman forward Jared Sullinger, named Monday the conference’s Freshman Player of the Week for the 11th time this season. Michigan coach John Beilein, who has faced both the Spartans and the Buckeyes this season, said he’s been impressed with the Buckeyes, but thinks they’re susceptible to losing a game. “Anyone can get you anytime. It’s never been easy, but home or away, you are in for a battle,” Beilein said. “Ohio State is really good. There is a reason why they are undefeated.” After their matchup with the Spartans, the Buckeyes will travel to West Lafayette, Ind., to face No. 14 Purdue. The Buckeyes dominated the Boilermakers, 87-64, during their first matchup this season, Jan. 25 in Columbus. Playing the Boilermakers on the road, however, could yield a different result, as OSU will again face the Big Ten’s leading scorer and shot blocker, Purdue senior forward JaJuan Johnson. Johnson scored 22 points, grabbed seven rebounds and blocked two shots in Purdue’s first matchup with the Buckeyes. “JaJuan Johnson, I don’t know if I could say enough about him,” OSU coach Thad Matta said after the Buckeyes’ first game against Purdue. “You watch him make those shots on film and you say, ‘He’ll never do that against us,’ and sure enough, he did.” With the difficult challenges that lie ahead in OSU’s next three games, Matta is aware that on any given night his team’s winning streak could come to an end. “These guys are smart enough to know that if we don’t come to play, if we’re not tuned in to what we need to do, we’ll lose,” Matta said. “It’s probably as simple as that.” read more

Stunning fog enshrouds central London on the morning of Halloween

first_img#londonfog this morning #London #photography @bankstation— TheCreativePost (@TheCreativePost) October 31, 2016 #Barbican looking extra spooky in the #London #fog on Halloween…— James Taylorson (@PropertyJT) October 31, 2016 Big Ben is seen through the fogCredit:PA  People are really getting in the Halloween spirit this year – here are some pets who dressed spooktacularly and some humans who made a pretty good effort, too. Foggy Halloween morning in #London made for an interesting walk. #fog #londonfog #londonweather #Weather #Nikon— Elizabeth (@ElizabethArgyll) October 31, 2016 People getting the train to work were told to expect longer journeys and delays and drivers were advised that travelling in the capital could be dangerous. The London Eye is seen through thick fog However, the sun shone through and later in the morning the fog cleared.People on social media pointed out how festive the fog was. The fog cleared later on The fog cleared later onCredit:PA Big Ben is seen through the fog The Met Office issued a severe weather warning for those in the capital.They said: “Dense fog patches will affect parts of eastern, central and southern England this morning.”Be aware of the potential for difficult driving conditions with slower journey times.” Stunning, festive fog enveloped London on the morning of Halloween, and photographers in helicopters captured images of the capital’s famous buildings poking through the mist.Although the pictures are beautiful, many were not so happy about the weather, as it caused delays during the morning commute. Frightening fog covered #London this morning, just in time for Halloween 🎃 [Photo: @travellerluke— Visit London (@visitlondon) October 31, 2016 The London Eye is seen through thick fogCredit:PA Even the London fog and the The Shard getting into the Halloween spirit this morning.— Richard (@rwarburton74) October 31, 2016 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Woman arrested on suspected terrorism offences as she lands at Heathrow Airport

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A 21-year-old woman has been detained at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism, police said.The woman, from north London, was arrested as she left a flight from Istanbul, Turkey, at just after 9pm on Thursday.Officers said the arrest was Syria-related and the woman was being held at a south London police station.The Metropolitan Police said searches two addresses in the north of the capital had been searched. A 21-year-old woman has been detained at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism, police said.The woman, from north London, was arrested as she left a flight from Istanbul, Turkey, at just after 9pm on Thursday.Officers said the arrest was Syria-related and the woman was being held at a south London police station.The Metropolitan Police said searches two addresses in the north of the capital had been searched.last_img read more

East London doctor charged with 118 sexual offences

first_imgDetectives last night refused to comment further on the investigation or charges.Anyone with concerns or questions about the investigation can call 0800 011 4253. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A doctor from east London has been charged with more than 100 sexual offences including abusing a child, after a major investigation by Scotland Yard detectives.Manish Shah is accused with a total of 118 counts of assault, the Metropolitan Police said.His charges include 65 counts of assault by penetration contrary to Section 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.He is also accused of 52 counts of sexual assault contrary to section 3 of the Act.The 47-year-old is also charged with one count of sexual assault on a child under 13, contrary to section 7 of the Act, a police statement said last night (WED).Detectives from the complex case unit of Scotland Yard’s Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command are understood to have launched an investigation after allegations of sexual assault were reported in 2013.The offences were alleged to have occurred in East London between June 2004 and July 2013 and are understood to relate to 54 separate victims.After being charged, Shah, of Brunel Close in Romford, was bailed to appear at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court on Thursday August 31.The NHS has set up a dedicated hotline for people who may be concerned about the investigation, police said.last_img read more

Fire at Met Office leaves forecaster struggling to provide weather updates

first_imgThe Met Office supercomputer – the Cray XC40 – is used for all its calculations and is one of the most powerful in the world. Our meteorologist are working hard getting forecasts out after a very small electrical fire overnight caused some service disruption.— Met Office (@metoffice) January 23, 2018 The Met Office supercomputer the Cray XC40 It was fully installed in December 2016 and consists of three main systems capable of over 14,000 trillion arithmetic operations per second.The incident left companies struggling to access up to date forecasts, while many people reported problems using weather apps.One angry oil rigger currently stranded at sea, wrote on the Met Office’s Twitter feed: “Sort your system out. I’m stuck on an oil rig because the helicopters won’t fly unless you sort your system out.”This is stopping people going home to their families after spending weeks in the middle of the sea.”I’ve got a flight booked this afternoon. If I miss I hold you responsible.”The outage occurred as Britain prepared for torrential rain and gale force winds in the early hours of Wednesday morning from Storm Georgiana which was named by the Irish Meteorological Service yesterday afternoon.The Met Office issued yellow weather warnings for wind and rain across the northwest of England, and said that full forecasting services would not resume before Wednesday. “On arrival at the scene crew confirmed slight smoke logging in a switch room crews investigating.”Smouldering cables were identified as causing the smoke logging, the cables were exposed and the supply was isolated by the crew.”A BBC Spokesperson said: “This had a minor impact online and the majority of our services are working normally with minimal disruption to users.”The Met Office moved to a new purpose-built, £80million headquarters in Exeter in September 2003, re-locating from Bracknell just short of its 150th anniversary. The Met Office supercomputer the Cray XC40Credit:The Met Office  The Met Office was left struggling to provide weather forecasts on Tuesday following a fire at its headquarters which prevented automated systems sending out updates.Staff were forced to ring round organisations and personally give predictions following the electrical blaze in Exeter which happened in the same IT hall as the £97 million supercomputer.Although the supercomputer itself was undamaged the room in which it is housed was left smoke logged and firefighters had to cut the power while they tackled overheating cables, meaning forecasts could not be broadcast.The Met Office said there had been ‘some disruption’ to services while the BBC said its weather team had not received the usual data and information that it needed to give its usual updates.“There has been a fire related incident in our of our IT halls overnight which was quickly brought under control,” said a spokesman for The Met Office.“No one was hurt and we are now recovering affected systems and bringing them back online and keeping our customers informed.“Our meteorologists are working hard getting forecasts out. Nationally critical services to customers such defence and aviation were maintained through contingency services and are now fully back up and running.”  Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said it was called to the Met Office HQ in Exeter just after 2.30am.An spokesman said: “One appliance from Ottery St Mary which was covering the area was mobilised following a report to the Fire Service Control Room of a fire alarm sounding at the above location. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

School targeted by animal rights activists after vegan parents criticise decadelong pig

first_img“We will consult the school community, send a letter to all parents and give them the opportunity to have a say about what we do in the future. As it stands, we have not had a single parent contact us to say they are unhappy with what we are doing.”Mr Cook, who is understood to have turned vegan around three months ago,  said he started the petition when Mr Willsher told him the animals would be slaughtered to teach children about where their food comes from. Chris Willsher, the school’s executive head, declined to acquiesce to Mr Cook’s demands, telling him in an email: “I was a vegetarian for 25 years and still struggle to accept the practices of the meat industry. He said the school was “endorsing the act of killing animals” when it “should be teaching how bad eating meat is for you and the environment.”Mr Cook, who runs his own yacht-building company had hoped to have the pigs sent to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary – a farm run by vegan ultramarathon runner Fiona Oakes and her partner Martin Morgan.A spokeswoman for Priestlands School, which has 1,200 pupils, said: “We respect the vegan philosophy but Priestlands School is proud to serve the whole community.”We want to educate our students about where their food comes from and to do this in a sustainable way.”Our preferred outcome was for this year’s cohort of pigs to enter the food chain as planned and for us then to sit down and have a rational discussion about whether or not we continue to have pigs in the future.” “We should be teaching children compassion towards animals,” he said.”The pig programme may have had its place in the past but we live in a more enlightened world now and it has to end.”I find it difficult to see how we can teach them to be compassionate to all around them when we choose to exploit the most vulnerable in the most hideous of ways.”We can teach children where meat comes from without engaging them in the slaughter process.” Ed Winters, AKA Earthling Ed, a vegan parent who is petitioning Priestlands School in Lymington on to prevent the slaughter of their Tamworth & Gloucester Old Spot pigs A school has caused outrage by allowing four piglets cared for by pupils to be sent to a slaughterhouse despite a parent starting a petition against the plan which has more than 30,000 signaturesCredit: Solent News & Photo Agency Ed Winters, AKA Earthling Ed, a vegan parent who is petitioning Priestlands School in Lymington on to prevent the slaughter of their Tamworth & Gloucester Old Spot pigscenter_img In 2008, Prince Charles gave the project a royal seal of approval by placing an order for a batch of sausages made by pupils from pigs reared at their farm. A rural secondary school was targeted by animal rights activists after a newly vegan parent raised concerns about a pig rearing project.Priestlands School, in Lymington, Hants, had allowed four female piglets due to be sent to the slaughterhouse next month to be cared for by pupils since their birth.Their meat would then have been served in the canteen and sold back to the school to teach children about the food chain.But the project, which until now had been conducted without complaint every year for ten years and has been supported by Prince Charles, angered the father of an 11-year-old pupil so much he started a petition which garnered more than 36,000 signatures and led to school staff verbally abused by campaigners.Vincent Cook, 45, also found an animal sanctuary that would take the Tamworth & Gloucester Old Spot piglets and look after them for free. A school has caused outrage by allowing four piglets cared for by pupils to be sent to a slaughterhouse despite a parent starting a petition against the plan which has more than 30,000 signatures Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “When one speaks to Year 7 students who believe sausages are vegetables, there is clearly work to be done educating some members of our community about where food comes from.”The pigs we have in school are borrowed from a farm. They are already destined for the food chain.”I cannot pretend to be entirely comfortable with the arrangement but, realistically, we live in a community where the meat-eaters outnumber the vegetarians and vegans.”He told the Telegraph that he had decided to returned the piglets to the farmer after office staff started to receive abuse.“We could have kept them and fought the good fight but we had to ask was it worth it?last_img read more

Chester hospital baby deaths Nurse Lucy Letby arrested on suspicion of murdering

The Countess of Chester Hospital, which is under investigation Police officers at the house being searched in Westbourne Road But the review, by the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health, was unable to explain the deaths, despite the fact consultants noted similarities between the cases.The report, dated November 2016, highlights a failure to investigate the cases. Although most of the infants underwent a post-mortem, these did not include systemic tests that would have found traces of poisons, or changes in blood sugar levels. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The number of baby deaths under investigation could make it the largest such scandal in NHS history. A nurse has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of eight babies and the attempted murder of another six newborns at one NHS hospital.Lucy Letby, 28, is in custody, with police searching her home and car in connection with the deaths at Countess of Chester Hospital.Police said they are investigating the deaths of 17 babies and 15 non-fatal collapses between June 2015 and June 2016.Ms Letby has been arrested on suspicion of murder in relation to eight of the babies and attempted murder in relation to six of the babies.It is not known whether the police are investigating any other suspects. Officers were seen searching her home in Chester and plain-clothes officers were seen at her parents’ home in Herefordshire. A blue police tent in the front garden of the semi-detached house in ChesterCredit:Paul Cousans/Zenpix House search The nurse had worked at the hospital’s neonatal unit since graduating from University of Chester in 2011 with a degree in child nursing, and spent time at the unit during her training. In July 2016, the Countess of Chester Hospital commissioned an independent review of the unit because of concerns about a rise in “unexplained” deaths.In the same month, the trust also stopped treating the most premature babies, with all those in need of intensive care or high dependency cots sent elsewhere. The police investigation was opened in May 2017 after the trust said it continued to be concerned about the unexplained deaths.It was initially looking at the deaths of 15 babies between June 2015 and June 2016, but has now been expanded to examine 17 deaths and 15 non-fatal collapses. Police activity at the property on TuesdayCredit:Paul Cousans/Zenpix Ian Harvey, the hospital’s medical director, said he was confident the unit was currently operating safely.He said: “We are continuing to support Cheshire Police with their ongoing investigation. Asking the police to look into this was not something we did lightly, but we need to do everything we can to understand what has happened here and get the answers we and the families so desperately want.”The Countess is now equivalent to a Level 1 Special Care Baby Unit and we are confident the unit is safe to continue in its current form.” Det Insp Paul Hughes, in charge of the investigation for Cheshire Police, said: “This is a highly complex and very sensitive investigation and, as you can appreciate, we need to ensure we do everything we possibly can to try to establish in detail what has led to these deaths and collapses.”As a result of our ongoing inquiries we have today arrested a healthcare professional in connection with the investigation.”While this is a significant step forward, it is important to remember that the investigation is very much active and ongoing.” Police officers at the house being searched in connection with the investigationCredit:Paul Cousans/Zenpix A blue police tent in the front garden of the semi-detached house in Chester on Tuesday The Countess of Chester HospitalCredit:Peter Byrne/PA Toxicology tests are not routine, but are often used when a cause of death cannot be established and would show any drugs or chemicals in the system.The same report notes that “mention of installing CCTV on the unit without explanation had unsettled the nursing team further”.In December, the hospital went further issuing patients and staff with electronic tracking wristbands in a bid to monitor free beds.An NHS source said Ms Letby was moved into administrative duties in late 2016, saying: “They moved her into admin, they didn’t move her to another nursing position.”If they did think she was suspicious why didn’t they suspend her?” read more

Detective arrived at work so drunk she thought she completed shift in

But she was cleared of the charge after claiming she had been sober when she arrived for work – and got drunk when she consumed a 35cl bottle of vodka in the space of an hour whilst in the ladies toilet. A female detective turned up at work so drunk she thought she had finished her entire four-hour shift after an hour, a court heard.Det Con Donna Montgomery, 51, had arrived for duty at 10am for her first day in a new role but within minutes she had asked for annual leave and by 11am was so drunk she mistakenly believed the time was 2pm.Shocked colleagues breathalysed her when she was seen wandering around the car park of Mather Avenue police station in Mossley Hill, Liverpool with the keys to her Audi A1 in her hand – claiming she had finished work for the day.Tests showed she was almost three times the limit with one officer finding a small bottle of vodka and empty cans of gin and tonic in her erratically parked vehicle. She also smelt heavily of perfume and had several bottles of scent in her handbag.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––At Wigan magistrates court Montgomery, from Crosby, a detective with Merseyside Police for 15 years faced trial charged with driving with excess alcohol. “I asked her to get into my car and the first thing I asked her when she got in was if she had been drinking. “She said she hadn’t. My plan was to get her into the station and find out what had gone on.”I could tell she was drunk because she was using a sing-songy voice to answer me and she thought it was 2pm when it was only 11am.” It is thought Merseyside Police are to hold an internal injury into the incident which occurred on January 30 after Montgomery started a new role in the force’s Economic Crime Unit.Det Insp Elaine Coulter told the hearing: “I was coming into the station a 10:56am when I noticed DC Montgomery.”She used to be a member of my team so I know her well. I knew that she had recently returned to work from a period of absence.”I asked her how she was and if she enjoyed the new job. She said she did and that everybody was lovely.”I asked her why she was going home so early and she said that she was finished as she was doing a 10am until 2pm shift – but I knew it was only coming up for 11am.  Montgomery claimed she got drunk when she consumed a 35cl bottle of vodka in the space of an hour whilst in the ladies toilet Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Montgomery told the court she had been off work for three months with work-related stress  Montgomery told the court she had been off work for three months with work-related stress Credit:Ricky Champagne/Cavendish Press Montgomery claimed she got drunk when she consumed a 35cl bottle of vodka in the space of an hour whilst in the ladies toiletCredit:Ricky Champagne/Cavendish Press Tests showed Montgomery had 100 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millitres of breath. The legal limit is 35mg.Montgomery told the court: “I had been off work for three months with work-related stress from where I was working at the time.”I was upset by what had happened and I started to drink more. I could have a bottle of wine a night. “On my first day in my new job, I was made aware that the person I was working with was on a training course – so I thought it would be an ideal opportunity at this point to take time off work.”After my annual leave was approved, I went to the toilet downstairs and I had some vodka in my bag which I drank – a 35cl bottle. “I drove to work after only drinking two glasses of red wine the night before. “The empty containers in my car was alcohol that I was hiding from my husband, they were meant to go in the bin.District Judge Mark Hatfield found Montgomery not guilty. read more

Ivy Cottage at Kensington Palace Inside the royal home where Princess Eugenie

Also in the grounds are newlyweds the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have lived in the north-western corner of the west London palace since their… Princess Eugenie, who previously lived two miles away at St James Palace with her sister Princess Beatrice, now occupies a three-bedroom residence on the Kensington Palace estate. Ahead of their Royal wedding today, Princess Eugenie and her fiancé Jack Brooksbank were reported to have moved into the Kensington Palace apartment known as Ivy Cottage.   After damp was discovered at Ivy Cottage last year, the couple reportedly had to delay their move-in date while repairs were made. However the bride and groom are thought to have made their move in April. read more

Search teams hopeful of finding Emiliano Sala plane wreckage as investigation area

Search teams looking for the missing plane of Emiliano Sala and Dave Ibbotson have narrowed their investigation to a pocket of sea just four square nautical miles in size, as they hope to recover the wreckage on Sunday.David Mearns, a renowned shipwreck hunter is leading the privately funded search in the Morven survey vessel, alongside an 80m long ship called the Geo Ocean III, brought in by the Air Accident Investigation Branch.According to Mr Mears, the AAIB has pinpointed an area of sea where the plane was last picked up on radar, around 24 nautical miles north of Guernsey, and the search vessels are due to arrive in the area early this morning.Speaking on Saturday at St Peter Port, Guernsey, Mr Mearns said of the footballer’s relatives: “The family are devastated and they are struggling with what’s happened. “What we are doing is trying to provide some answers for them.” David Mearns with Emiliano Sala's family “Two by two is a fairly small pocket of water so we should have a fair amount of confidence that we’re going to go out there and find it.”Mr Mears added that the teams will operate 24 hours a day, saying: “It doesn’t matter who finds it. It’s that it’s found.”Both Morven and the other search vessel have multi-beam echosounders and side-scan sonar, which can detect anomalies on the seabed.They will tow the sonar equipment at four knots in a grid pattern through area in a fashion Mr Mearns likened to “mowing the lawn”. If anything is detected, a remotely operated submersible fitted with cameras and lights will be sent down to identify if it is the Piper Malibu plane wreckage.The single-engine aircraft carrying the Argentinian forward left Nantes airport in north west France at around 7.15pm on Monday, January 20, and was en route to Cardiff, where Sala was looking forward to joining up with his new teammates.Just after an hour into the flight, pilot Dave Ibbotson, 60, asked air traffic control to reduce altitude from 5,000 ft to 2,300 feet.But a short time later the Guernsey coastguard was alerted after the aircraft disappeared from radar screens. After seat covers were from the plane were found to have washed up on a French beach last week, Mr Mears said: “The plane has clearly broken up, and that implies a hard impact on the water surface, so we know we’re looking for a plane that is broken and a debris field. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. An initial search for the plane was abandoned after four days after nothing was found. Cardiff City players wore t-shirts bearing Sala’s face as they warmed up ahead of their match against Bournemouth on Saturday.Striker Bobby Reid opened the scoring and dedicated his goal to the Argentinian by holding up a picture of the footballer to the fans.  David Mearns, right, with Emiliano Sala’s family, will lead the search on a vessel called MorvenCredit:Joe Giddens/PA  read more

YouTube and Netflix are now UKs third and fourth most popular channels

Calling the UK a “national of streamers”, Ofcom found traditional television is in decline despite British public service broadcasters showing more than 100 times the original, UK-made shows than their global streaming competitors.The figures will raise concerns about the dominance of US shows made for a global audience, with industry leaders previously warning distinctive British programmes are an important part of national life. “The pace of change in television raises questions about how UK viewers will be served in the future,” the report said. “Online content delivery and the emergence of global video providers, notably Netflix and YouTube, are driving fundamental shifts in viewing habits and industry structures.”The internet is massively increasing the choice available to UK viewers.” The wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was the most-watched broadcast across all channels The wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was the most-watched broadcast across all channelsCredit:AFP Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. BodyguardCredit:BBC Love Island accounted for half of ITV2 viewers When it came to complaints, under 34s care least about bad language, but are twice as likely as those aged 55 and over to “have found a perceived form of discrimination to be offensive”. Yih-Choung Teh, strategy and research group director at Ofcom, said: “The way we watch TV is changing faster than ever before. In the space of seven years, streaming services have grown from nothing to reach nearly half of British homes.”But traditional broadcasters still have a vital role to play, producing the kind of brilliant UK programmes that overseas tech giants struggle to match.”The Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was the most-viewed broadcast across all channels with an average of 12 million people watching it at any one time and nearly 25m watching at least 15 minutes. The four most popular television channels in Britain now include YouTube and Netflix, an Ofcom report has found, as the streaming giants eclipse BBC Two and Channel 4 in a drastically changing media landscape. British adults now watch an average of 34 minutes of YouTube and 18 minutes of Netflix a day, beaten only by BBC One at 48 minutes and ITV at 37. A study of young adults, categorised as being aged 18 to 34, placed the two video services as the most-watched viewing platforms, with one hour and four minutes dedicated to YouTube and 40 to Netflix per day. The findings were reported in Ofcom’s second annual “Media Nations” report, which tracks the viewing and listening habits of the UK. Nearly half of homes now subscribe to TV streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or NOW TV, with average daily viewing rising by seven minutes last year to 26 minutes.Reporting “rapid shifts in the nation’s viewing habits”, the study found the total number of UK subscriptions rose by a quarter in 2018, from 15.6m to 19.1m. But, the report noted, “overall numbers were lower than those watching the 2011 royal wedding” of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which saw 34.2 million – or 60 per cent all individuals – tune in. Seven of the men’s football World Cup games made it to the top ten programmes of 2018, while the BBC’s Bodyguard was the most watched drama in 2018 with 14.3 million viewers tuning in for the finale. British-made dramas Line of Duty, Bodyguard and Killing Eve were particularly successful for the BBC, while Love Island accounted for half of all viewers on ITV2. Friends, the US sitcom now on Netflix, remained the most popular show on streaming services, followed by The Grand Tour on Amazon.   Bodyguard Noting that the traditional broadcasters still account for majority of viewing, it found that people watch on average 3 hours 12 minutes of broadcast television in 2018: 49 minutes less than in 2012.Four in ten viewers now say that online video services are their main way of watching television and film, it said. “Change is not new to the television sector,” the report said. “However, the rate at which young audiences in particular are embracing new online video services from global internet platforms in place of linear services from incumbent UK-based broadcasters, including the BBC and ITV, suggests that these changes may have a more profound long-term impact on viewing habits.”  Game of Thrones Line of Duty Game of Thrones suggested appointment-to-view television is still alive and kicking Ofcom said “a few popular drama and entertainment programmes are not enough on their own to stem the overall decline in broadcast TV viewing”, warning: “To counteract the overall drop in broadcast viewing since 2017, about 34 additional series of Bodyguard would need to have been broadcast in 2018.”More than a million homes, a “small but growing proportion”, do not have a television set. While YouTube consumption has risen slightly for under 34s at five more minutes a day, the average increase for all adults was six minutes – suggesting “recent YouTube growth is as much among over-34s as among younger people”.  The report comes after the BBC and ITV announced that streaming subscription service BritBox will launch later this year at £5.99 a month. Love Island accounted for half of ITV2 viewers Line of DutyCredit:BBC read more

Michael Jackson songs pulled from primary school teaching materials in wake of

Mr Brooks said that the episode could no longer remain in circulation in light of the “monstrous behaviour” described in the film.Some radio stations in Canada, Australia and New Zealand have banned Jackson records, but there have been no announcements by British stations.Thriller Live, the West End show, has no plans to close. The Jackson family have denied the allegations, describing them as “all about the money”.The singer, who died in 2009, still has his defenders, including Mark Lester, the British former child actor who starred in Oliver! and later formed a friendship with Jackson.He said of Leaving Neverland: “It made me feel quite sick. This is not the Michael Jackson that I knew for over 30 years. This is not the man that my children knew.”Jackson’s daughter, Paris, spoke out on social media to urge fans to be “calm” in their response. She appeared to defend her father when she said that “lies” are told about “everyone with a good heart”, adding: “Do you really think that it’s possible to tear his name down?” Michael Jackson songs have been pulled from primary school teaching materials in the wake of child abuse allegations.A company that supplies music lesson resources to around half the primary schools in England removed all mentions of the late pop star from its teaching material.Charanga took the decision earlier this year, following the release of the Netflix documentary Leaving Neverland, which detailed claims from Wade Robson and James Safechuck that they were abused by him as young boys.Mark Burke, director of Charanga, said: “In light of the allegations made against Michael Jackson in March, we felt it inappropriate to promote or share his content with our users.  “We therefore removed it from our platform immediately. As a cloud-based service, our removing this content meant it was no longer able to be used by anyone using the service.”  Earlier this year, the executive producer of The Simpsons announced that a “treasured” episode featuring the voice of Michael Jackson is to be removed from television in response to the Leaving Neverland documentary.James L Brooks, the producer, said he had agreed with Matt Groening and Al Jean, the creators, that it should not be shown again, despite it having been one of their favourite episodes. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

MDM awarded major new dense media plant contract in DRC

first_imgMDM Engineering has been awarded the EPCM contract for the engineering and construction of a 1.2 Mt/y Dense Media Separation (DMS) plant for Comide, a subsidiary of Camrose Resources, which itself is a joint venture between ENRC and Cerida. This plant is the first of two DMS units to be built on site which, when completed, will have an annual output of 3 Mt/y. Martin Smith, MDM CEO commented: “This new relationship with Comide, is strategic for MDM, considering the long-standing working relationship that MDM has had with Africo Resources, another subsidiary of Camrose Resources.” In August 2010, ENRC acquired 50.5% of Camrose Resources through wholly owned subsidiary ENRC Congo BV. Camrose has a 56% interest in Comide, which holds the exploitation licences for the Kii, Mashitu and Pangalume copper/cobalt assets, which are contiguous to Africo’s Kalukundi property, where MDM was recently awarded the contract to conduct an increased throughput design update and cost revalidation of the Bankable Feasibility Study.last_img read more