The planning methods on forum marketing summary

classification and promotion methods of the

said so much, that how to find the

: a method of monitoring competitors, in the love of Shanghai domain:www.***.co see their website is to do the promotion where, not necessarily forum, other ways can be used.

Forum promotion requires a combination of product positioning, clear they want to achieve what kind of effect. In fact, the role of the forum but only two: 1. for the site to bring more ip. 2. by leaving the chain, improve their website weight, is helpful to improve search engine rankings. But the actual promotion do this two very hard, because high browsing can bring the IP forum will not allow you to stay outside the chain, and can easily leave the chain forum posts always see a lot of people do not. So the promotion to combined with the nature of the forum to develop programs, then look down. read more

Those activities for money do love Shanghai

, link

two, mass information

loves Shanghai and other search engines like to encourage originality, support the original. Against the acquisition. But actually? (see below) love Shanghai to promote the acquisition software, do not.

is sending information to manufacturing Internet links the most serious nuisance. For example some of the rubbish site by sending a pseudo original blog forum bulk mail released to various websites mailbox. Is it in the garbage, the reader is taken, how much time is wasted, even cheat money. The Internet to clean, resist mass, encourage free communication. Love Shanghai surface mass boycott. But actually? (see below). Mass software extension in Shanghai has been covered with computer screen, the left and right are promotion link. The mass market is much, visible, Internet is still much rubbish. Visible, Shanghai for sending information to the attitude of love. The Internet garbage cannot do without love Shanghai "contribution". read more

Analysis of search engine marketing Gome focus search

these data to the United States great tip: in the short term promotion, can use different human attention and focus of the event information, accurate classification coverage, and achieve the best short-term marketing promotion effect. For example:

is the United States business model, there will be a lot of brands and marketing a single product, each brand or product for the consumer object is different. This is based on the current popular goods, analysis of user search keywords behind genzo marketing information, targeted marketing. read more

Analysis the site is down right should be how to do

as a Shanghai dragon Er staff in the author’s opinion the most bitter, the most painful event is not the optimization of the site is down right, the site is down right behind the results as can be imagined for a website optimization, the responsible person will be under considerable pressure, especially in service companies Shanghai dragon er staff, if the boss character belongs to the type of impatient boss, definitely not mercilessly bawl you out, or will you give fire. Just as the "grass root bitter" Shanghai dragon Er personnel only hard to endure, because you will explain to your boss is meaningless, he would say you are looking for an excuse. If you encounter a comparison and show common understand a little knowledge of the Shanghai dragon boss may find your gas and chat, such a situation is what reason, how to save. read more

Love Shanghai news sources included Tim weapon real time push tools will be on the line

the training most of our attention content than the love of Shanghai is the quality of news resources launched. This tool can effectively solve the "new content has not been included," "love Shanghai included competing products not received their website", and "love Shanghai not included its own original content, but the website included plagiarism that several major problems plagued the site. The traditional web crawler is a new content waiting for love Shanghai grab, and real-time push the initiative will be delivered to the site once the hand, new content proactively pushed to love Shanghai, these elements will directly enter the screening to the index database analysis, greatly shorten the time to grab included. But it is worth noting that the push content directly determines the quality of on-line time, if the abuse of this tool will also bring negative effects to the site. read more

Not to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai Longfeng those things

the day before yesterday while I was chatting with a friend talked about the search engine rankings, he asked "I do your company search ranking?" I just answered it was okay. He said you look at me the front in "Baidu". So I began to praise him. "Good!" then I said, "your conversion rate" up? He did not speak for a long time. I know that I am in the company’s mission to Shanghai and not Shanghai dragon dragon, I want to do is to understand the customer from the customer’s point of view for the sake of customers, starting for the company’s mission, and to improve the keywords good natural ranking is very important, but the pursuit of the target flow can ultimately lead to "profit flow" for the company as in Shanghai dragon mission, otherwise it can only boast. read more

Do Shanghai dragon Nofollow a misunderstanding and clever use

, that is to say, a single link of the PR value will not listen to this property nofollw. With links to nofollow, and the weight of text is not passed, but does not mean that the PR value is not passed to be dispersed to other links.

this concept I made from Shanghai dragon in Wenzhou network company, has been deeply buried in my mind, until at Matt Cutts (noble baby anti cheating group leader) a blog (of course is translated into Chinese after ~_~), and some cases are summed up, only to find the idea is wrong. read more

Construction site enable secondary domain name is a blessing in double

domain name, is a necessary condition for composition of Web site, a good domain name is not only easy to remember, easy to read, Lenovo value "to the user, also can play the advantages of congenital weight richly endowed by nature in search engine rankings. However, quality is limited, the more it is registered first, therefore in the follow-up of a large number of construction site is not settle for a second choice is to buy hybrid rice, or register the "opportunity secondary domain name" after the construction site. However, in the process of optimization, seems to be more in line with the Kean rule 51job website "value" meters, but the road setbacks, some even directly by the search engines killed in the road. Why? Is not enabled secondary domain name, lucrative investment, more is in the use of double happiness, how to choose the good domain name used, make analysis of ideas: read more

A home is K after Shanghai Longfeng Er will do the three elimination method

three, if the first two have no problem, then we should find their own reasons! Sometimes love Shanghai really convulsions, but definitely not so new Chen should Weakness lends wings to rumours.! Find the reasons from the following points:

if not, you can look at the friends of the chain is abnormal, if there is a new proposal, Chen first delete after contact each other webmaster to explain the situation two.

3, domain name may have been analyzed, the other domain name to your website, modify the password and then recommend the absolute address many using the domain name in the site navigation structure. read more

For the website by Lenovo to be in love with the sea K

love Shanghai often to advise you in one sentence: "the search engine is just a common site visitors, as ordinary visitors you visit for the website to you what kind of feeling? Yes, you guessed it! After a lot of benefits for the forum exchange forum must become VIP can access, then love Shanghai spiders are not for the VIP customers, so under normal circumstances, there should be no spiders love Shanghai "privilege" to view the VIP forum. The rest of the things you can give full play to the imagination…… read more

Analysis of the function of Web Search what enhance your search experience

box is small, but much knowledge. In order to explain in what type of input can enter the keyword search box box, you can use the placeholder text ", such as watercress in the home of the search box.

The innovation of

has become the symbol of the search box search. The search box is the entrance to users to search, but also questions, at the same time is the search command execution area.

, the search form two

Users of



users not only spelling error prone, and often can’t think what specific to enter. If the search box in the input process automatic completion, providing the associated search suggestions, can avoid the user input error, users can also save time (spelling in the mobile phone terminal needs more). read more

Analysis of improper operation caused the blog was the reason

three, the accident was

two, set the anchor text links and keywords of the layout of


love Shanghai update a series of algorithms, very distressed Shanghai dragon Er chain specialist chain how to meet the needs of the search engine, which is good for customer service. In the chain of the chain, blog is used most, one is the effect of the third party blog platform for the promotion of the brand is good; on the other hand, mainly because it is a completely free platform. Have a certain amount of blog, found a lot of blog administrator Title today, on the blog made comparison with the unified research, find the reasons banned: read more

How about the education and training industry user search keywords classification

education industry user search can be classified into 5 categories: regional search, precise search, organization name retrieval, general vocabulary retrieval, information search and other. Because the education industry has the typical regional characteristics and dispersion characteristics, so the education industry Web site in the search engine promotion should be a wide range of the delivery, not only to multiple search platform coverage, should have more choices in key words.

(4): General vocabulary retrieval through love Shanghai retrieval of users have a general search feature is the largest, but the purpose of user retrieval may be the most common vocabulary is not clear, such as "JAVA training", which also shows that many users search for accurate way of getting information is not clear. read more

About the website even published experience

if you often study in Shanghai Longfeng forum for the exchange of friends, must know in the forum have a lot of friends are asking how to release? What even has the best effect? Where can the hair even? And so on, the foreign construction company have a lot of doubts. If I still have doubts this, try this method for me, as a rookie I, to share the most rookie way you can better accept and absorb, future expansion is to rely on their own. I have a website up to now have 4 months or so, in the love of Shanghai search even has more than 2000, there are more than 7000 related domain, I even are pure handmade hair, not by any means. You may feel enough, but we do like this line even count is high. read more

A simple method for novice webmaster monthly income thousand yuanThe same monthly income of nearly m

that’s the difference between regular warfare and garbage stations. How many people do stand down, made China’s IT circles big shots, Ming much, dark is also more, more high-profile, low-key also more. But from the bottom to the top is a long process, at least one or two years, this is a miracle, as many as three years to five years, or even a lifetime, life may not see the top. The majority in the long process of pain and suffering, even meager income to make ends meet, what to decide on what path to follow or give up, insist not to see the dawn, give up is very unwilling, but ruthless or variable, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, so many webmaster with tears and go to the top of the mountain, Huashan little heroes. read more

Discussion on the correlation of the importance of Shanghai dragon website optimization


first quote, love Shanghai optimization guide in the phrase "title" to tell what the main contents of this web user and search engine, search engine in determining whether a web page content weight, title is one of the main reference information, is the site of the portal, title, here, I want to say is the site itself but also have relevance, refers to the relationship between title and content, if there is a good title, the content and the title of the relationship between a point there is no correlation, then what about the weight, what about the rankings, remember that last year the elder brother, the station group is very powerful, but also the main is the content of the links between the content seems to be directly inserted into the other links to articles, and then correlation between the subject and the content is not good, our experience is not complete That is love directly to Shanghai to see; and I want to say is the content and theme to be relevant, if you download the theme, then the content can add some other materials to download, download pictures and so on, the concept, only do a good job related to the content and theme of the great degree of maintenance good user experience, to better improve PV (PV is the direct display of your site favorability display), the correlation between the content, each from SE came to the visitors have hope to find him, so here is the key of correlation. read more

American version watercress rise Goodreads users to destroy tens of millionsXu Xiaoping layout nter

said the next plan, Chandler said that the company will develop more functions, allowing readers to upgrade their data in the process of reading a book — that is to say, not only can show he was reading a book, can also display the reading and reading the impressions. He also revealed that the company is communicating with the Facebook team, hoping to build a Book Club on the social network. Goodreads has opened book clubs and discussion groups on its own web site.

, the company has just moved into a new 6000 square foot 560 square meter office building in San Francisco. read more

Dumont raise system to raise the public nternet to provide new energy for the Chinese economic tran

, a millionaire who was only 29 years old, has started many businesses and has invested more than 60 technology start-ups.

"I was a strange child, my father can attest to this," Reddit co-founder Alexis · O Haneen said, "he is still waiting for me to grow up, but this is not possible, a few months later, I was 30 years old, without any change."

"Internet chips" to subvert the traditional financial model of the intermediate procedures to

founded Reddit, O Haneen’s mother was diagnosed with advanced brain cancer. "She told me that the first sentence is," I’m sorry, I know that this will seriously affect you for you now, I know how important it is to set up their own company, "I looked at her, don’t understand this has given me so many women, why in the case of brain cancer late to me apologize." "I remember.". read more

The nternet of shareware is the future direction of developmentDMOZ website submission of registrat

if your software is only a tool, this tool must have expired, and you may not be willing to pay this money to you for this function every month. If you can use this tool to your software, gradually become an Internet service, behind the service, by the users of your cognitive service connects users to establish a community, is your software users, and gradually your website and web services together, you will form their own comparison of loyal users. On this basis, I think there will be a lot of room for this business model. read more

Double entry government work report on behalf of proposals to perfect the guarantee system of innova

as the first listed company founded by college students, iFLYTEK and "entrepreneurial" two characters have a deep origin. 17 years ago, is still in Graduate School of Liu Qingfeng, see Chinese voice market at that time, almost entirely by Microsoft, IBM, Motorola and other foreign giants monopoly IT, decided to give up hiring abroad and foreign paid, determined to achieve the "Chinese voice technology by Chinese do the best" industrial ambitions, created iflytek. From the inception of the company to be known as the "troupes to 2008 listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, now and then to do the world’s leading core technology, become the Asia Pacific region’s largest voice and artificial intelligence Chinese voice of listed companies occupy more than 70% market share, iFLYTEK entrepreneurs realize the dream of the stage. read more