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since the computer, is to learn how to play the game. Before always in the holdfast, and CS, mother CS level up, but also to engage in world of Warcraft, but also a lot of academic delay (my art), network game fire, I was not so hot heart now, together with friends, also deeply indulged, gradually play game of fewer people (Master run, play online games, and I went to) the game to lose confidence, thought: the world is the only network game


games are boring, began playing the forum, constantly crazy in each big BBS post, and a quarrel, and get the title, BBS, learn a, do not curse, it’s someone else’s turn to scold you, will make you angry, anxious to find the person, a hit meal. read more

Web visual design emotional boards work with visual design

1. The real dilemma of visual design

There are many uncertainties in the visual design of

Internet products, such as:

you follow the "elegant" to design, but he felt that "fresh" – – judge the subjectivity of & see pictures to understand

sometimes does not like certain design works, but can not immediately say the reason – subconscious

began to demand a style, quickly change requirements into another style, users do not understand the

if "user centric design" is not a gimmick, we can try to "user" to give visual design a direction. read more

5 ways to analyze SEO keyword competition in the web site

5 methods to analyze SEO keyword competition in

1. Look at the keyword search results (SERP)

input the website in Baidu or Google keyword input box, then look at the number of search engines return results, returns the number more, the greater the degree of expression of the competition, the less return quantity, of course, the expression of the degree of competition to small.

the results of a competitive level as follows:

search results less than 500 thousand: attribution weak words;

search results 50-100 million: attribution often small words; read more

A brief overview of the status of individual owners in China’s nternet

Chinese individual stationmaster, be afraid of is the country with the most stationmaster in the world, Chinese individual website also is in the world lead far. I found that the domestic individual webmaster can be divided into the following types:

the first type: survival webmaster. Mostly young people who, for various reasons, are reluctant to work or find jobs. This is a more intrepid group of stationmaster. This kind of individual stationmaster, occupy Chinese individual stationmaster 30%. Many of these people are to join rebels, in order to make a meal. read more

Cow senior why can fall behind 4 years

remember that in 2002 I began to enter the Internet industry, then they want to toss about a website operation mode, that is if you create a web site to let members of the initiative to win over other members, visited website that is not the rapid increase? When I was in high school, I got 300 pieces money, bought the 60M space, bought an international domain name. I started my career as a webmaster.

with the rapid development of the website, I found myself selling space to make money. I applied for the agent of "Xiamen think twice" network at that time. Specifically, I don’t remember how much money I made. I probably sold about 7000 of the virtual hosting. read more

How did he do that with 1000000 users in 12 months


from pixabay

This article is translated from

Noah Kagan re Still Modeling Growth "You" Incorrectly ". As one of Facebook’s top 30 employees and one of Mint’s top 4 employees, he is an authority on growth, both methodological and practical.

: the result is: 12 months later, Mint already has 1000000 users. We made a comma out of the target at that time." Just listen to this and you’ll see how he is,


when I first worked as a marketing job in Mint, the founder and CEO Aaron Patzer told me we needed to get 100000 users in the 6 months of the product launch. read more

From the media operation how to build high quality QQ talk about

network promotion has two magic weapons: flow is king, content is king. So, every day while writing articles, do not forget to study and apply various traffic methods. Walking on two legs, some can go far. Simple drainage, today it will lead to flow today. Otherwise, stop. However, if you can provide quality content for a long time, the faster the flow increases in the later stage. Who doesn’t know, but there are fewer people who insist on doing so.

relatively speaking, QQ promotion is relatively easy. I was often asked how I managed to do thousands of QQ, read more

Adsense actual combat summary how to effectively enhance the website P

into the network industry, I should not be too late to enter the bar, when friends began to play CS, I have entered the world of the webmaster.

In the 03 years since

, bought a computer at home, I began to study the production and operation of the site, so many years, I do website from the hacker website, the size of the website made dozens of times, IP from day 30 to the highest 5000, though not like other webmasters to earn a lot of money, but also get a lot of combat below I will experience about how to enhance the experience of website. read more

How do you analyze your competitors’ websites

analysis of competitors is an important part of business competition. This is also true for practitioners of e-commerce. As a platform for e-commerce business, competitors website, of course, also needs to focus on analysis.

then, how do you analyze the competitors’ websites? Here’s a little bit of my experience. Some of the tools may not be accurate, and if you have any questions, please criticize me!


one, look at the hardware

1. queries the competitor’s domain name

can be found through network etc.. However, sometimes the competitor’s domain name registrant and registered company may not be me for some reason, but you can search for the relevant keywords and take a look at it. read more

Lu Songsong talking about the status of template resources in website design

in the web design industry for many years, gradually formed a habit, a new design project took over after the first time to have similar to the template can be copied; also engaged in the design of many enterprises (small enterprises) will also buy a variety of design templates, web designers to provide direct copy, move and direct harm today is the result of many design projects cost is greatly reduced (by direct copy according to the template project design cost of course bottom), so the low price will inevitably lead to low design, low design must use the template! So, now lead to a website construction of this industry is more and more low threshold, more and more. read more

717 Taobao alliance line of communication Tmall New Cross shop permissions detailed explanation

these days, Taobao seems to be bustling with customers, there is only one reason, that is, the Taobao alliance to re Open Cross shop permissions.

first opened a number of online, not more than one hundred sites, followed by the day before July 17th is called a part of high quality Taobao off in the headquarters of the Alibaba conducted a small line of communication conference.

because I left the Taobao city is across the river, so it went to the specific content of the meeting, communication, do a simple share in this article read more

Discussion on some problems of initial construction of website

today, I’m going to talk to you about how we need to start a website. The important thing is not the technical problem, but your overall planning and positioning of the website. First of all, you should be clear about yourself. Do you have a what kind of website, what is the purpose of your website, so as to push the performance, function module, your website, identified these, you should have a plan, you are to be a one-time launch of a complete web site, or to the construction step by step, the construction period is you how long, how much is your investment, if you design is a non-profit website, how long would you expect to return you to the construction site in the period, or have a design template to consider the issue of money, these are a lot of friends and I consult the construction of the site, but he was not a whole to plan your website, this is not enough. Below I will be a few questions, and tell you, and this is my own views, not necessarily consistent with your ideas, and not necessarily and those experts talk about the same, for your reference only. read more

How to access customer information online in network marketing

network marketing era has arrived, prompting enterprises to expand their sales network through the network. For a while, many enterprises have focused their attention on the network platform. How to obtain customer data on the Internet and how to obtain customer data faster and more accurately is very important. How do business people improve their performance? How do you get your customers through the Internet? How do you find your prospective customers online?

has become a topic we need to discuss seriously. read more

How to choose a good domain name and station name in order to be favored by users and search engines

application domain is a very simple thing, to find relevant operators, then choose domain name registered pay OK! If you are really looking for food, that is all right, the domain name service provider customer service in order to make money, they will patiently teach you how to do. But is it really so simple? This is the registration, then you will pick it? Your domain name can be remembered at a glance? Your website name can make people remember all of a sudden? Can you let Baidu spider soon included read more

Baidu to new sites included to slow down adhere to is the same principle

recently and webmaster friend in communication, have got a common information: Baidu for new station included time extended. After our previous sites included in the Baidu search engine submission, usually 1-2 days can be approved by Baidu, and the last week has set up two new sites, has not yet been included, consult the webmaster friends, they also have such a situation, perhaps this is a new change Baidu algorithm, to increase the new site audit efforts.


in the face of increased audit efforts as an ordinary webmaster how should we do to spend the new Baidu algorithm successfully? I think we should start from just entered the website at that time, his thinking from the old owners to switch to the new station, remember to do the first site of the time very carefully, to a a set of titles and keywords for a few days, and now the Baidu algorithm change is asking us to have the spirit, let us submit included before they do the preparatory work on the new station, so long as a read more

Buy class website will face shuffle crisis

group purchase website this year as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain coming out, but if users look carefully will find the real strength of the scanty group purchase website, just a few days ago, the network industry broke the "group purchase fraud", this event has aroused great concern among netizens, who not only ask, in the face of hundreds of group purchase the website, how should we choose

?Based on the

group purchase website there is a very important point, is the public relations, public relations and business, group purchase site definition itself determines that it can only be used as a platform, in reality as the supermarket, many suppliers to provide a choice of goods or products for group purchase group purchase website, and the website it is the intention of the buyers to centralized navigation, resulting in a large number of purchasing power, this is one of many issues of convergence, out of touch with businesses in this group purchase website a link, the number of blind pursuit, which led to the "group purchase fraud", now it seems that the relevant state the Department has given great attention to this event, which is in a sense is fraud! Violate the law, violations of the interests of users of read more

Know how to read daily newspaper know how to let everyone to be chief editor

read the daily content extends to the entire Internet


knew yesterday that a new product was being released yesterday. Reading the daily newspaper – simply speaking, is an application to aggregate all the content on the Internet. Everyone has the right to recommend content and build his own daily.

The application of

to read daily has been officially launched, if you are already known users, can be directly used to account login, you can read the daily recommended to you the attention of the user and daily they have created, after the subscription in the home can see know almost daily, and daily update subscription. read more

SEO ranking how to adjust the layout of the website

many webmaster all value the quality of the website, the influence of the quantity of the chain on the website ranking, but ignore the website structure factor. Many search engines have included network structure factors into the ranking of websites. The benefits of website structure have not only affected the browsing of website users, but also affected the performance of website ranking.

website layout occupies an important position in the home page layout structure, a good layout will allow visitors positioned as regular, trusted sites. For the homepage layout of the website, pay attention to the design of the layout color not more than 3 kinds. Too much color can make people feel uncomfortable. read more

Product operations portal needs to know how to attract 100W users for your product

product design to users exceeded one million, products in different stages, we have to do what things? Internet product operation in the market for business oriented, customer operation center, taking the data as the operation basis, to product life cycle operation strategy, continuous improvement and optimization of products, brand marketing.

as a APP operator, today we say, from product design to the user to break through millions, at different product stages, we have to do what?

product development period – before the product line read more

Website analysis college entrance examination answer

1: if a visit – 24 in the morning, then the visit will be on yesterday or today? How to calculate the corresponding Page View? (this is a person’s question, this question is really quite by surprise the


: [answer] I haven’t looked at any information, but I think it’s easy to answer this question from the monitoring principle of website analysis. Because the monitoring of visit is dependent on cookie, the time that visit occurs is the time that cookie is updated, and the time that pageview occurs depends on the time that the page code is run by the client. Therefore, the visit will be counted yesterday, and the corresponding page view will be calculated yesterday or today according to the time that the page code was run. read more