The String Cheese Incident Delivers A “Beautiful” Performance On New Year’s Eve

first_imgLoad remaining images Fans at the first two nights of The String Cheese Incident‘s New Year’s run at Broomfield, CO’s 1STBANK Center witnessed two solid performances, all leading up to the big night. To just say the group delivered would be an understatement. Cheese laid it all out on the table for a three set extravaganza that featured some of the band’s biggest hits, and a few surprises thrown in for good measure.With a packed house ready to ring in the New Year, SCI came out strong with a “San Jose” opener that got things going early on and never let up from there. “Outside and Inside” led into a cover of the Allman Brothers Band‘s “Hot ‘Lanta” before veering its way into the Grateful Dead‘s “Deal” to close out the set.If the first set was good, the second set was straight fire. “Close Your Eyes” saw Kyle Hollingsworth take the lead, and despite playing with a cast on his left hand, it proved to not be as much of a hinderance as you would expect. “Orange Blossom Special” brought the hoedown to the 1STBANK Center, and featured nice work on the violin from Michael Kang. SCI opened things up with “Best Feeling,” as the group sandwiched a cover of The Police‘s “Walking On The Moon” (with Michael Travis on vocals) before making their way back into a serious “Best Feeling” jam. And then “Howard” happened, and it was absolutely glorious, with everyone in the crowd going bonkers.For their New Year’s proper set, the gentlemen of SCI strolled out on stage all decked out in suits and tuxedos, making it a truly formal affair. “Youv’e Got The World” was the song that brought us into 2017, as a Cirque du Soleil style performance ensued, with acrobats streaming down from the rafters, dancing on platforms on the floor, and a huge silver ball opening up to reveal a Merry-Go-Round of performers riding horses. And lots of balloons and confetti!The dark, brooding build to the drop into “Rivertrance” had the crowd foaming at the mouth, as the fan-favorite brought out the tribal vibe that we were all anticipating the entire night, whipping the venue into a complete frenzy. A Keith Moseley-led “Sirens” was a welcome addition to the set, while “Beautiful” closed out the show. It’s one of the best new songs the group has come out with in recent years, and has become a major jam vehicle.For the encore, SCI covered Bob Dylan‘s “The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)” before closing things out with “Sitting On Top Of The World”….which we were all doing on this very special night. Front to back, this show was absolutely stellar, with not one dull moment. It was a masterful performance through and through. The String Cheese Incident was at the top of their game on New Year’s Eve, and when that happens, there is no other place in the world to be.“Walking On The Moon > Best Feeling”:“Just One Story” New Year’s Ball Drop:“Rivertrance”“Sirens > Beautiful”:[all videos courtesy of PhatBeats 420]All photos courtesy of Jake Cudek; see a full gallery below.Setlist: The String Cheese Incident | 1STBANK Center | Broomfield, CO | 12/31/16Set 1: San Jose, Song In My Head, MLT, Who Am I, Outside and Inside > Hot ‘Lanta > DealSet 2: Close Your Eyes, Looking Glass > Orange Blossom Special, Get Tight, Best Feeling > Walking On The Moon > Best Feeling, Howard, You’ve Got The WorldSet 3: You’ve Got The World, Just One Story, Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance, Rivertrance, Sirens, BeautifulEncore: The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo), Sitting On Top Of The Worldlast_img read more

Lessons for the season of giving

first_img The Daily Gazette Sign up for daily emails to get the latest Harvard news. ’Tis the season of giving. For people with the means, donating to an organization or cause in need feels good and, particularly in tough times, feels like the right thing to do.Most of us like to think that our charitable contributions, whether to the local food bank or a nationally known medical research fund, make a real difference. And chances are that every dollar does indeed help. But if donors understood data better, those donations often could stretch even further, according to a pair of Harvard psychologists studying the psychology of altruism and ways to optimize charitable giving, which totaled $450 billion in the U.S. last year.That’s because no matter how prudent or well-intentioned, they say, most gift-giving decisions are driven by our social and emotional ties, not by a clinical analysis of which cause delivers the “best bang for the buck.”“The idea is to pay attention to the research and use your money to do as much good as possible, which often means doing things that you wouldn’t have predicted,” said Joshua Greene ’97, who studies the psychology and neuroscience of moral judgment.“It’s not about bad versus good, but good versus even better,” said Joshua Greene. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard file photoHe and Lucius Caviola, a postdoctoral researcher, are studying how people decide to give, and under what conditions givers might support “effective altruism,” a concept based on the philosophy of utilitarianism that encourages donors to take the same evidence-based approach used by financial investors and apply it to charitable giving. If a $100 donation can help 20 people or 2,000 people, effective altruism would show donors where the greatest number of people will benefit. Most giving decisions, such as on international aid, aren’t very data-driven because information about charity performance is scarce, so donors often rely on rudimentary or problematic metrics, the psychologists say.“Many people believe charities must have low overhead ratios to be effective, but that’s not true,” said Caviola, who studies charitable giving. “What matters is: Does the charity focus on a really important problem. and does it use a really effective intervention? It doesn’t matter whether it has a high or low overhead as long as it uses it effectively.”Donors also underestimate how wide the gap is between effective charities and others, according to a recent study Caviola conducted. They assume there’s only an incremental difference in their outcomes, when in fact top organizations are 100 times more effective than others. In global-health giving, for instance, “effectiveness” is typically measured by governments and health economists in lives saved or health-adjusted life years added per dollar.But supporting effective giving doesn’t mean that donating to a cherished group isn’t worthwhile, said Greene. “It’s not about bad versus good, but good versus even better.”“It often means giving money to organizations that help people overseas where the money goes further, and it means prioritizing the outcome over one’s personal feelings of connection or the personal satisfaction one gets,” he said.“Many people believe charities must have low overhead ratios to be effective, but that’s not true,” said Lucius Caviola, a postdoctoral researcher. Courtesy photoThat seems sensible, but the deeply rooted psychology behind why we give is complicated. While people like the idea of giving effectively, Caviola said even after learning that one charity is more effective than another, most people still prefer to give to entities where they have emotional or personal connections.“We weren’t designed for impartial beneficence; we weren’t designed to care about everybody equally. Our social emotions really evolved for social teamwork — I give you food when your hunting doesn’t go well, and you do the same for me — and we survive that way,” said Greene.Since charitable giving is as much about joyful feelings of helping others as it is about the gift received, Caviola and Greene are exploring whether more people might embrace effective giving if they didn’t have to forgo their favorite causes. They recently launched Giving Multiplier, an online platform that eases — and sweetens —donations to global health and development charities as part of their research. Donors select a favorite charitable organization and then choose from a short, curated list of charities rated as highly effective by GiveWell, a nonprofit that evaluates charity effectiveness. They then can decide how much to donate and what percentage of their donation goes to each organization. For every donation, the platform will add as much as 20 percent on top.The project will give them better insight into charitable decision-making and into whether such an intervention helps donors overcome the innate tug of personal interests. If Giving Multiplier proves popular, it may outlast their current research, Greene said.“Our hope is that this can be a way into effective giving that works for a much wider group of people and that works with people’s basic desires and motivations instead of trying to replace them,” he said.last_img read more

Ben Carson’s Views on Electing a Muslim President Draw Rebuke

first_imgMuslim leaders gathered Wednesday in Mineola to denounce the prejudice they perceived in comments from Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, who said recently that he would not “advocate” for a Muslim in the White House.Standing on the steps of Nassau County Supreme Court on a sun-splashed morning as Pope Francis made a historic speech on the White House lawn, this group of local Muslims called on politicians from all parties to engage in constructive dialogue amid a disturbing rise in Islamophobia nationwide.Wednesday’s gathering came three days after GOP president candidate Ben Carson said on NBC’s Meet the Press: “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”On Monday, Carson appeared to double down in a Facebook post to his nearly 4 million followers on the social media site.“I could never support a candidate for President of the United States that was Muslim and had not renounced the central tenet of Islam: Sharia Law,” he said.Carson went on to acknowledge that there are “many peaceful Muslims who do not adhere to these beliefs. But until these tenets are fully renounced…I cannot advocate any Muslim candidate for President.”But on Tuesday, Carson seemingly gave his blessing to people of all faiths to run for president as long as they put the Constitution ahead of their beliefs.CNN reported that fundraising dollars have “poured in” since the former brain surgeon first made his controversial remarks on television Sunday.In Mineola on Wednesday, Ali Mirza of Elmont denounced Carson’s comments.“Politicians should not use us as political footballs,” he said, referring to Carson, who’s now surging in Republican polls after the second GOP debate held last week.“It is basically a political issue,” Mirza added. “Some people are using whatever they can in order to get attention in the media and to address a very limited group of voters within their party.”“No religious test should ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States,” Mirza said, quoting the Constitution.Carson isn’t the only GOP candidate who has drawn attention for his views on Islam. Donald Trump, who is leading in the polls, was criticized last week for placating a questioner at a New Hampshire event who, referring to Muslims, asked: “When can we get rid of them?”“We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things,” Trump responded.Long Island civil rights attorney Frederick Brewington, a Christian, stood alongside Muslim leaders Wednesday. He advised Trump and Carson to “stop being ignorant candidates.”“Don’t remain silent on this issue because your silence bespeaks of your acceptance of this misinformation that is put out concerning our brothers and our sisters who are of the Muslim tradition,” Brewington said in a message to local officials.“We are rich because of our diversity,” he added.Carson’s comments drew a strong rebuke nationwide from Democrats and Muslim leaders. Other Republican candidates, like Ted Cruz (R-TX), Jeb Bush, the former Republican governor of Florida, and Marco Rubio (R-FL), invoked the Constitution when asked if Muslims were fit to sit in the White House.“The freedom of religion is a founding principle of our nation,” said Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim elected to Congress, in a statement. “For Ben Carson, Donald Trump, or any other Republican politician to suggest that someone of any faith is unfit for our office is out of touch with who we are as a people.” View image | The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy group, called on Carson to withdraw from the race.Mirza invited both the Nassau Republican and Democratic committees to meet with Muslim leaders to discuss community issues.Both Carson’s and Trump’s comments come one week after a 14-year-old high school student in Texas was arrested for bringing in a clock he made at home which school officials mistook for a potential bomb. The arrest sparked an outpouring of support for the teen on social media–including an invitation from President Obama to bring his invention to the White House–and accusations of Islamophobia among school officials and police in Texas.Meanwhile, national security hawks in Congress, such as Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford), have criticized the president’s plan to welcome thousands of Syrian refugees into the country, citing security concerns. The majority of people fleeing war-torn Syria are Muslim.center_img Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York last_img read more

Maintenance work halting commuter train service to Kota Station for 10 days

first_imgRead also: Not all trains created equal: Differences between MRT, LRT, Commuter LineShe added 45 of a total of 281 commuter train trips from Depok, Bogor, Cikarang and Bekasi to Kota Station and vice versa would be temporarily redirected, while one trip would be suspended. Commuter train services on other routes would operate normally, Anne said.The commuter train operator had coordinated with city-owned bus operator PT Transjakarta to assign more buses to serve routes departing from Manggarai Station that would connect commuters to various Transjakarta corridors.Anne said PT KCI advised all service users to adjust their travel schedules before the operational restrictions start.Updates on commuter trips can be accessed through the operator’s official Twitter account @commuterline, Instagram @commuterline, Facebook commuterline and call center 021-121.Topics : Commuter trains operating from Bogor, Depok, Cikarang and Bekasi that are usually bound for Kota Station in West Jakarta are to end their journeys at Manggarai Station in South Jakarta before returning to their respective stations of origin from Feb. 13 to 23.State-owned railway operator PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) and commuter line operator PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI) said the measure was necessary because maintenance work was needed on railroad switches at Gambir Station and Kota Station.“We need a [temporary] operation pattern to ensure safety and anticipate train queues between Cikini Station and Jakarta Kota Station during the maintenance work,” PT KCI spokesperson Anne Purba said in a statement on Tuesday.last_img read more

Bangladesh faces further flood crisis in monsoon-hit South Asia

first_img“And it is likely continue for another 10 days due to heavy rains in Bangladesh and India.”The annual monsoon is critical for replenishing water supplies, but also wreaks havoc across vast swathes of the densely populated region, causing widespread death and damage.At least 81 people have died in Bangladesh, mostly from drowning, officials said, with almost three million people hit by the natural disaster through flooded homes and inundated communities.In Srinagar, a rural town just outside the capital Dhaka, some villagers fled to evacuation centers while others slept on boats and rafts made out of banana trunks lashed together with ropes to watch over their flooded homes. Deadly flooding will persist in Bangladesh for the next 10 days, officials warned Tuesday, as South Asia battles torrential monsoon rains which have already pounded the region for weeks.In flood-prone Bangladesh — where almost one-third of the impoverished nation is underwater — officials warned of an extended disaster in one of the worst deluges in recent years.”The flood has been going on for at least 20 days,” the deputy chief of Bangladesh’s Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre, Udoy Raihan, told AFP, adding that flooding usually lasted two weeks. “The last time we saw such flood was in 1998. We haven’t seen such dangerous floods since then,” Sheikh Moslem, 66, told AFP.Sufia Begum, 40, said the flood levels were up to her neck.”I am more worried about my two cows,” she told AFP as she looked at her submerged home and cowshed. “They are my only source of income. I can’t leave them here.”In India’s northeastern state of Assam, conditions eased as the death toll since the start of July edged up to 58 people.Many villagers whose homes were not fully submerged said they preferred to stay with their belongings despite the difficult conditions, and were being given food and water supplies from the government and local aid agencies.”There is ankle-deep water inside our home. We will stay here until it’s not manageable,” Anima Begum, 40, told AFP from the Morigaon district in Assam.At Assam’s World Heritage-listed Kaziranga National Park, 116 animals have died so far, including nine rare one-horned rhinos.In neighboring Nepal, the government issued a fresh warning about rising river levels for the next three days as rescuers searched for 51 people missing in landslides and floods.”Rescue and relief efforts are going on and we are on alert for areas at risk,” Nepal’s National Emergency Operation Centre chief Murari Wasti said.At least 84 people have died in Nepal as multiple landslides ravaged the Himalayan nation’s hill districts while incessant rainfall since Sunday has inundated parts of the southern plains.Topics :last_img read more

‘I’m screaming’ – Tony Adams slams Mikel Arteta for dropping Gabriel in Arsenal’s defeat to Liverpool

first_imgAdams feels Arteta needs to move away from playing three at the back (Picture: Getty)‘If you’re not careful, you can think that you’re doing okay, but I think there’s a long way to go with this team. I really do think there’s a long way to go.‘It’s a process, and I do think there are signs there that it’s happening. But I would be more confident if Arteta – I think he’s an exceptional coach, to get where he’s got with this bunch of players he’s doing a great job, I’m not arguing with the employment here, he’s doing a phenomenal job – but he just needs to get a back four in place and work with them. I think the system is working against him.’MORE: Mikel Arteta reacts to Alexandre Lacazette missing ‘best chance in the game’ as Arsenal lost to LiverpoolMORE: Arsenal legend Tony Adams says Bernd Leno ‘is not top-four quality’ and questions Mikel Arteta decisionAdvertisementAdvertisementFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. Advertisement The Gunners legend felt the Brazilian should have kept his place (Pictures: Astro SuperSport / Getty)Tony Adams has slammed Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta’s decision to drop Gabriel and replace him with David Luiz against Liverpool, while he has called for the back three to be scrapped.The Gunners were beaten 3-1 by the Premier League champions at Anfield on Monday night, with Arteta restoring both Luiz and Kieran Tierney to the back-line and relegating Gabriel to the bench.But the older Brazilian was at fault for Liverpool’s match-settling third goal and Adams feels it was a mistake to drop the summer recruit from Lille, having been impressed with him against Fulham and West Ham, and is not convinced by Arteta’s current formation. Comment Metro Sport ReporterTuesday 29 Sep 2020 11:27 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link8.5kSharescenter_img ‘I’m screaming’ – Tony Adams slams Mikel Arteta for dropping Gabriel in Arsenal’s defeat to Liverpool Luiz’s weak clearance allowed Diogo Jota to score on his debut (Picture: Getty)‘I think it was a bad decision not to play Gabriel,’ former Arsenal skipper Adams told Astro SuperSport after the game.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT‘You’ve brought him into the team, he’s had two good games, and you bring Luiz in. I think that was an error. I’m screaming.‘The problem that the coach has got is the system has been really working, they’ve [lifted] the FA Cup, you kind of go, “Okay, I’ll run with it, it seems to be working, the lads seem to know what they’re doing”.‘Arsene Wenger came the first year and we were playing three at the back and he didn’t want it. He didn’t want it but we persevered for the rest of the year and then in pre-season the next season we went in to a back four and we got solid again.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘For me, it’s done Arteta a disservice by winning the FA Cup in the system they’ve got.‘Because I think they have got to get Holding alongside Gabriel, get Tierney in at left-back, and let’s put a back four in place with a three [in midfield]. Copy Liverpool! You know, the 4-3-3 has been hugely successful for them. They’re champions, it’s a great model, let’s copy it.’He continued: ‘I think they’re really at a tipping point for me, they really are. Because of the relative success they’ve had, it can put plasters on the cracks. Advertisementlast_img read more

Wednesday people roundup [updated]

first_imgMN – The fiduciary manager has appointed Michael Wray as senior investment strategist and Paul Doyle as business development analyst. Wray joins from Blackrock, where he was head of CEMEA LDI and pensions solutions, which included a focus on providing strategic advice to fiduciary clients in the UK and the Netherlands. Doyle joins MN’s business development team from Buck Global Investment Advisors, where he worked as an investment analyst servicing medium-sized pension schemes and as an alternatives research analyst.Société Générale Securities Services – David Painter has been hired by Société Générale Securities Services as head of trustee and depositary services in the UK. He will be based in London and report to Michèle Besse, global head of depositary control, and Bertrand Blanchard, the company’s country manager in the UK. Painter was previously a board director of the JP Morgan Trustee & Depositary Company and was this year elected chairman of the executive committee of the UK Depositary & Trustee Association, representing JP Morgan.UBS Global Asset Management – James Finch has been appointed by UBS Global Asset Management as head of global liquidity management for the EMEA. He will be based in London and report to the firm’s head of global liquidity management, Joe Abed. Finch was previously head of UK and fixed income business development at Source. APG, Belgacom, BP Pension Trustees, Avida International, Horeca, MN, Société Générale Securities Services, UBS Global Asset ManagementAPG – The €375bn asset manager and pensions provider APG has appointed Philip Neyt as senior public affairs adviser on its strategy and policy team. Alongside Theo Timmermans, head of APG’s international public affairs, Neyt is to focus on international stakeholder management. Neyt has been chief executive at the country’s largest pension fund – the €5bn scheme of telecommunications provider Belgacom – for 15 years, and acted as an adviser on pensions for several Belgian governments. He received numerous awards for pension fund management as well as for his personal contribution to the development of the pensions sector in Europe.Avida International – Sally Bridgeland, former chief executive of BP Pension Trustees, is joining the UK team of Dutch governance and outsourcing advisers Avida International. Her role will be as senior adviser, and she will start in October. Bridgeland left BP Pension Trustees in April this year, having started her work there in 2007. Before that, she worked for 20 years at Aon Hewitt and its predecessor Bacon & Woodrow. She has non-executive roles at EDHEC, FTSE and the Worshipful Company of Actuaries.  Horeca – The €5bn pension fund for the hospitality and catering sector, Horeca, has appointed Gérard Aben as its new independent chairman as of 1 July.  With a background in human resources, Aben has, according to Horeca, much experience on the board of large companies, such as coffee and tea producer Douwe Egberts and PostNL. He has also been a trustee at several pension funds. He succeeds Eiko de Vries.last_img read more

ALBA Expels USAID from Member Countries

first_img Share 81 Views   13 comments Share LocalNewsRegional ALBA Expels USAID from Member Countries by: – June 23, 2012 Sharecenter_img Resolution from the Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) for the immediate withdrawal of USAID from member countries of the alliance.On behalf of the Chancellors of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Federal Republic of Brazil, on June 21st 2012.Given the open interference of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the internal politics of the ALBA countries, under the excuse of “planning and administering economic and humanitarian assistance for the whole world outside of the United States,” financing non-governmental organizations and actions and projects designed to destabilise the legitimate governments which do not share their common interests.Knowing the evidence brought to light by the declassified documents of the North American State Department in which the financing of organisations and political parties in opposition to ALBA countries is made evident, in a clear and shameless interference in the internal political processes of each nation.Given that this intervention of a foreign country in the internal politics of a country is contrary to the internal legislation of each nation.On the understanding that in the majority of ALBA countries, USAID, through its different organisations and disguises, acts in an illegal manner with impunity, without possessing a legal framework to support this action, and illegally financing the media, political leaders and non-governmental organisations, amongst others.On the understanding that through these financing programmes they are supporting NGOs which promote all kind of fundamentalism in order to conspire and limit the legal authority of our states, and in many cases, widely loot our natural resources on territory which they claim to control at their own free will.Conscious of the fact that our countries do not need any kind of external financing for the maintenance of our democracies, which are consolidated through the will of the Latin American and Caribbean people, in the same way that we do not need organisations in the charge of foreign powers which, in practice, usurp and weaken the presence of state organisms and prevent them from developing the role that corresponds to them in the economic and social arena of our populations.We resolve to:Request that the heads of state and the government of the states who are members of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, immediately expel USAID and its delegates or representatives from their countries, due to the fact that we consider their presence and actions to constitute an interference which threatens the sovereignty and stability of our nations.In the city of Rio de Janeiro, Federal Republic of Brazil, June 21st 2012.Signed by:The government of the Pluri-national state of Bolivia.The government of the Republic of Cuba.The government of the Republic of Ecuador.The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica.The government of the Republic of Nicaragua.The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.Aletho News Tweet Sharing is caring!last_img read more

Barry Geraghty expects ‘proper test’ at Cheltenham for More Of That

first_img Press Association Barry Geraghty has been pleased with what he has seen from More Of That ahead of his fencing debut in the Steel Plate And Sections Novices’ Chase at Cheltenham on Friday. A breathing problem was found, and subsequently operated on, and Geraghty, who partnered More Of That in the World Hurdle, again gets the ride in his new role as JP McManus’ retained rider. “I’m really looking forward to it,” he said. “I’ve been in to school him a few times and it’s been a case of so far, so good. “It looks a good race in its own right and Cheltenham is always a proper test for a novice, especially first time out. “We want to learn about him, though, especially after what happened last season, and this will be a proper test. “We’ve been pleased with him so far, anyway.” The race has a rich history as it has produced two Gold Cup winners in Denman and Imperial Commander in recent times, as well as classy types like Dynaste, Grands Crus and Time For Rupert. Ian Williams won the race in 2009 with Weird Al and runs Ballyalton, second to Faugheen at the Festival two season ago but off for all of last term. Jonjo O’Neill’s seven-year-old was one of the brightest stars in the National Hunt game when he maintained his unbeaten record in the 2014 World Hurdle at the Festival, inflicting a first defeat on Annie Power in the process. Since then, however, he has only been seen once, when he was never a factor on his return to action at Newbury last November. He unseated his rider on his chasing debut at Warwick recently. “We know what it takes to win this, having done so with Weird Al, but it does look a very hot renewal,” said Williams. “It was a little unfortunate what happened at Warwick but he came out of it well and we viewed this as a good opportunity to get some more experience into him. “He departed just before the business end of the race but was closing in. “What seemed obvious, though, was that his year off just seemed to have dented his speed a little. “The fizz he had over hurdles wasn’t quite the same, so this step up to two and a half miles should suit him perfectly. In time I expect him to be running over three (miles).” David Pipe runs Dell’ Arca, a second-season novice who finished fourth in this 12 months ago and who finally opened his account over fences at Uttoxeter in May. “He’s a good horse who always runs in the good races,” said Pipe. “We were happy with him at Uttoxeter and we’ve been happy with him since. “It’s a small but select field and if More Of That comes back to form he’s the one we’ve got to beat.” As De Mee, Might Bite, Double Shuffle and The Society Man complete the line-up. last_img read more