On site outside the chain of plain text and hyperlinks effect

, a pure text link

what is the pure text links pictures:

figure can be seen in the Shanghai show love in correlation domain is pure text links, it is often said that the Shanghai anti chain of love. Although such links can not directly enter the click, but to improve the weights of the ranking or some, of course it needs to link with quality. Text link quality is indeed can improve the site weight and ranking, and now most of the webmaster do the chain is YISHION text links in the form of the majority, so that the text link also has help to improve website rankings weights, the key point about how the quality of. read more

The Shanghai encyclopedia promotion website promotion love products at the same time

has its own product to write article create an entry, leave a link official website for the plug-in that is easy to do. Of course, this is just a beginning, we not in the text entry content, a number of different names for the new entries, such as weaving acquisition software, dedecms acquisition plug-ins, site acquisition plug-in, plug-in, automatic acquisition. Dream collector and so on, in the main content unchanged, including word acquisition, just for a different name for these different names that can create entries, and the contents of the body can be the same, contains a link. read more

Love Shanghai Site website home page is not the first cause

article published this article published after is the second, not in June 19th Shanghai dragon blog chain, just update an article, the day around 7 p.m. try site website, all >

Fuqing Shanghai dragon guess the reason:

2, domain:www. domain name is the home page, and today is a snapshot of the

The weight of home page;

1, the direct search site, the site is home page URL Title appear;

3, I see the Shanghai dragon blog chain, found a website site home page is not in the first

1 pages, in the eyes of search engines are more important than the home page, so the site is not the first home page, mainly due to the Shanghai dragon blog chain most support pages, so reduce the web page in the search engine’s weight, relatively speaking, Shanghai spiders can be mistaken in love the page is more important. read more

Love Shanghai in search of slowly Baidu you sad

blog, please mark: www.huashengsheng贵族宝贝

Summary: dead? ?

revision Post Bar commercial is a product of history in the development of Internet, a strategy is also love Shanghai in marketing, said the most popular is that the website does not wish to maximize the benefits of

?This article from the Chinese provincial

love Shanghai Post Bar is still the largest Chinese community

recently a lot of friends in the circle to discuss the love of Shanghai is mainly because of love Post Bar, Shanghai Post Bar recently commercialized serious, often play Post Bar friends all know, love Shanghai Post Bar launched Post Bar trading currency: T allows users to red beans; T beans, beans T role to achieve post their top, post title change the color, and the signature changes than ordinary users, that is to say as long as you rush your money in the bar is the senior user, is not the money to the red is the nouveau riche, hanging wire! There is Post Bar in love Shanghai advertising has more than ever before! Before only at the top of a Post Bar advertising now, Post Bar intermediate has also been a banner ad affected users love beautiful! Shanghai Post Bar commercialization has a serious impact on the user experience, a lot of friends said in Post Bar will not play, not before! The Lord has the right to good top posts and essence, now, as long as you rush to buy T beans can make the top posts, so it asbrittle, this also led to a lot of the main exit Post Bar love love Shanghai! Shanghai big brother could not afford Baidu, want to fall in love with the sea Post Bar commercial multi earn money to spend Baidu? Face more and more loyal customers leave Post Bar Baidu you haven’t considered the reasons for read more

PPC five tips enhance advertising effectivenessNo website have earned over 10000 yuan this month

2. adds keywords associated with the site

you can try to put the address of the landing page in the keyword query tool, and shlf1314 will provide the keyword recommendations you should use on the web page.

if you are using a broad keyword strategy, you can now try to match exact words or phrases. This will also effectively reduce advertising costs.

in China, the most familiar PPC advertising is shlf1314 AdWords, it has become one of the main means of network marketing for many enterprises. However, some companies find that the cost of shlf1314 AdWords accounts has not decreased, but enquiries have been decreasing. Or the cost has increased, but the inquiry has not increased. What is going on? – to introduce you five tips to help you get out of the mud Bog: read more

The website included three topics fix your website statistics

using the tool monitoring site

there are a lot of tools provide sites included the amount of queries, such as the Chinaz webmaster tools provides Web site include query, the query is one of the most popular forms of inquiry. (however, obtained by using this kind of tool query results are estimated, so here we introduce a more accurate way to query

command query method with unique information as follows: site:domain贵族宝贝 + unique information, what is the unique information? For example, specific to your product number is a unique information recommendation site preparation to you here. read more

How to carry out the analysis of user needs and user habits analysis

method is as follows:

drop-down boxThe principle of

steel price index: 1314 average Shanghai love 7 love Shanghai index: 93

Alibaba Shanghai average price of steel love index: 1204 Feb 7 love Shanghai index: 118


case: love Shanghai in search of steel prices, the drop-down box as shown in figure

according to the above principle, the love Shanghai related to the search term is one manifestation of the needs of users.


: the case of Shanghai love search keywords steel prices, the relevant keywords appear, the market price of steel market, steel prices, steel prices in 2012, today the price of steel, the steel price list, steel price chart, the price of steel, steel ajige, renderings are as follows: read more

Keywords Shanghai dragon skill of sharing website

if you want to buy clothes, online search the tide dress, quickly find your site through a similar trend of women’s this words can, behind the transformation completed.

What is the

two, the specific implementation steps of

had never been exposed to the Shanghai dragon, after the company put me in charge of Shanghai dragon, immediately feel lack of knowledge, but their active learning ability is also good, here to share a whole scheme of this period of time and in the process of learning experience, is also the time of work and summarize the study and share to do Shanghai dragon and Shanghai Longfeng students are learning. read more

How to face the love of Shanghai long term not update problem

how to face love Shanghai long-term not update problem. In fact, here is relative, love Shanghai don’t update? No, now love Shanghai two days a small update, a big update for three days; the weight of the high site may constantly update, this is normal thing, because of love of Shanghai mainly depends on the weight update site, time to determine the length of. But in the face of love Shanghai algorithm a renewal, now love Shanghai for small and medium-sized enterprise website update is not so hard, and even can be said to be stalled, the author deeply felt. Before have friends ask me, why now I site every day to update the original article, also love the hair of the chain, Shanghai is not updated. This update includes two aspects, the first is included and the chain site did not change (a small reduction, but no increase in trace), motionless; second is the site of the chain and set are changing, but the site keywords ranking is still. In fact, the essence is the same, as we did not reach the optimization requirements. Our main purpose is to have good keywords ranking, this is what we want. Love the face of Shanghai’s long-term not update, we as a webmaster and how to do it. Look at the following Hefei network promotion pony is a story. read more

n the face of Shanghai dragon algorithm for frequent updates you Hold it

1. needs to do is not just the chain home page, inside pages also need.

3. for different industries, can take into account the relevant information submission station access to the high quality chain.

4. do not go to the forum with signature, such foreign chain has almost no good.

every time the author had finished writing, he would read it again and ask yourself a question: "if I was a visitor, this article has value to me?" if only to let visitors see already existed in the content of the Internet, he is certainly not willing to stay at this site, on the contrary is if we insist every day to update the original content, write meaningful visitors to the text so the opposite effect, even for reprint unexpected results. read more

A breakthrough in electronic commerce website long tail keywords increase included

is the first website directory with the keyword level, the establishment of tree structure directory, make a good base for keywords ranking. Do B2C website optimization, mining and distribution of the most important and long tail keywords, the success of e-commerce sites will never lost to rivals in the long tail keywords. Get this kind of keywords is also very simple, just mentioned the hospital website case is directly explained, provided by the web service or product with combination of product attributes and evaluation of key words. read more

Google how to evaluate a blog is soft

is paid links, he is not a coherent and content link, and blog theme misfits. For the normal chain, in a blog will usually have the link (experts, website) introduction, at least one paragraph in the introduction: who is this person, why in your blog, and will not be paid links.

Matt Cutts said: when we encounter a spam report, we will study the SPAM team behind the scenes, occasionally distinguish the chain of garbage and large-scale paid links have different standards, which is the distinction between whether a blog is a standard text. read more

Free blog promotion Taobao customer details determine success or failure

blog, head of personal data must be improved, it can indirectly improve the credibility of the blog. The blog to choose long tail keywords some long tail keywords or product name, which is more conducive to ranking. Not recommended to choose the more competitive keywords, because of relatively low weight blog.

blog must be selected keywords, especially the title of the article, from the user’s point of view to think about the title, the selected title can also refer to the above problem know love Shanghai. To promote the products to write the original soft, continuously updated, so more convincing, feel more real. The soft is necessary in Shanghai Dragon (title, keywords, keywords, distribution chain) help, keywords ranking. read more

Teach you how to publish a mortgage on the one thousand chain

in fact we can write some of the places you have been, for example, you can write the Korean tourism, the main description of their home, and then write out a senior copywriter intercepting others visited South Korea in the anecdotes, make a comparison, such a fascinating article appeared, and then sent to the some websites or circle tour pal portal forum in the tourism sector, as long as we persist, and write the sincerity, inevitably can cause the attention of others.

how to attract these our rivals? I need your technology, the first method: you want to go to a threat to them, you can write some company to get much of an order, by what means, or a certain large enterprises reached a cooperation intention "preliminary read more

Help some website behavior improve site weights

in fact before I doubt everything good for the behavior of the user experience can help to improve the website weight "view, only that the high quality content and the chain can be brought to the site weight, since " LEE" the answer, I will dispel doubt, if interested friends can see love Shanghai webmaster Club this post 贵族宝贝tieba.baidu贵族宝贝/club/9374916/p/6960186 since no longer doubt everything good for the behavior of the user experience can help to improve website weight, here look at the recent popular" promotion website weight method: read more

Shanghai dragon must know the 100 site optimization question select 10 Q on

site title is also of concern to many people, I found that now we ask not only how to write the title, also asked the site title should be long, this is all a cognitive Shanghai dragon performance is more and more mature, so long the best title? Love Shanghai title search results show up to 30 Chinese character, Google 32 Chinese character, so in order to avoid the site title tail was cut very deeply, is not conducive to the user, the website title tag is best not more than 30 words, but in order to improve the user experience and highlight the target keywords, wood Shanghai Longfeng suggested length best in 20-25 about why? Because the title is too long, not necessarily words and this is not conducive to highlight the target keywords, reduces the correlation between title and website content; and the title is too long will disperse off Key word weight. Although the title should not be changed, but not frequent replacement, but with the addition of many different keywords in the title or keyword stack inside, need not hesitate to change. read more

The five major search engine optimization process




, a website analysis


1.2. is currently ranked targeted terms


traffic analysis, please take your collection and analysis of materials. Because there is no single tool that can give you a perfect data. The use of other tools and manual mode, record your collected data, and then slowly analysis.

2.3. 2.3. view competitors reverse link

keyword research

, 2.2 competitors of

the next step is to perform keyword research. We need this part, in order to optimize the content and in the future we establish keywords for strong, will bring traffic. Keyword research there are many kinds of methods, you can also use the Shanghai dragon tool to find the most appropriate for your keywords. read more

Some traces appear love Shanghai Spark Program

aggregation page I have cut down. It is also one of the search results click URL popup

URL, will pop up another another love Shanghai search results page, but also the inner surface of the web page, and the content of polymerization. This map is TUI18, was first to see is A5, but to refresh the old half genius to see. The following is about A5.

we can see that love Shanghai in the search results appear certain website content, do not know if there is no other children’s shoes, anyway, this is the first time I see. read more

Taobao online purchase virtual host whether you have to polish his eyes

has bought the space of people have met or concurrent IIS connection flow of limited space per month, many owners in the beginning of the purchase of the host is often entangled in these two parameters, see if there are no restrictions on traffic or IIS general merchandise will be more attention. But you have not thought about, there is no limit to your host, there is also no other site restrictions and you the same server, and we know that a server capacity is limited, if IIS does not limit, and you just with a high traffic site in the same. read more

The actual studio website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process


studio website optimization, focusing on the details of

has already mentioned the regional choice of keywords, keyword refinement region is actually a long tail strategy. Segmentation is not limited to the place where you are, can also choose the scenery, hotels, companies, landmarks etc. keywords plus the combination of wedding photography, the formation of regional long tail keywords. Secondly, the word "wedding" is also diversified, such as "wedding" "wedding photo" this two word search volume is not worse than it. Long tail keywords more colloquial, more people search. For example, we often give customers the "guest" mentioned, because there are pictures of the needs of the people, the general has consulted many agencies, each city, holiday weekend in the town square at least more than one will pull the stalls to the wedding photography. Therefore, the wedding photography industry vocabulary has become one of the target users search. read more